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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

EP Dime Piece, CbL House of Blues

It's been a bad week for my babies.  It's shedding season and both are puking all over the house.  My one cat Checkers normally pukes, it's her thing.  But Sam never does and he's been bad the past few days.  He's showing symptoms that Checkers had when I took her to the emergency vet that turned out to be constipation.

I've been brushing both of them twice a day.  Checkers also has arthritis problems in her hip and last night she was in a lot of pain and had trouble walking.  She's fine this morning, but last night with the both of them sick, I was not happy.  You see they are both going on 12 years old.  It just reminded me that they are getting up there in age. Sam did manage to poop some, and hasn't thrown up since yesterday so hopefully he's ok for now.

What I ended up having to do this morning was vacuum up all the flying fur as well as scrub the rug stains again that didn't come all out the first time.  Always a pleasant chore.

Oh and at work this past week?  At least six of my patients died.  Not good there either. I'm happy to have this three day weekend to just veg and I have a pile of magazines to get caught up on.  I'm way behind in my 'zine reading.  Too much Facebook and Instagramming.

Anywho, let's do this shall we?  Here is your silly bottle shot.

As my title suggested, here is Colors by Llarowe House of Blues and Enchanted Polish Dime Piece.

I started with skittles.


Indoor Sun
YOWZA! Pass the sunglasses people!  I am in love with this combo!

Next I just dotted and taped.  Here are the results.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
I am so impressed with CbL!  I think I should have been collecting them for a much longer time!  Trust that I have been making up for lost time!  Also there is a presale today (monday) for the new summer colors.

I believe seven are calling my name!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?