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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mo' Better

This is redemption for my last post.  If only I had used these colors and ideas the first time, the nightmare would never have happened.

I mentioned last post that I had a conference I was going to.  Well it was really informative and the speakers were just amazing.  They are pioneers in the cutting edge of treating testicular cancer.  It was really a great opportunity for me.

Some of you may have paid attention to a couple of tweets I sent out the other day. You see, this conference was held at a VERY schwanky and exclusive country club.  I will never be rich enough to ever have a reason to go to a country club other than these types of conferences.  So being uncouth as I am, I took some pictures.

The first picture is of the ladies room.  The antechamber as it were.  These fancy ladies do not use paper towels oh no, there are piles of hand towels to use and throw into a laundry basket.  Here is the fanciest potty I've ever seen.

As I said this is the anteroom. Behind me are the actual stalls and sinks.  Wouldn't you just love to lounge on that chaise and wile away the day?

My next picture is of the dessert I had.  Lunch was amazing.  The spread was endless. All with fancy china and silverware. I had to have the chocolate mousse.  This picture is deceiving.  This is actually in one of those tiny espresso cups with a demitasse spoon. It was heavenly. Here is that picture.

Isn't it dainty?  I was on my best behavior but just had to show you guys some of what I saw!

Now on to the redemption!  Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Chick Polish in Baby Cakes and Honey Bunch from their new Spring collection. Way nicer combination than my last post right?

I started with Baby and an accent of Honey.  Here are the starting shots.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite
Oh how I love these two colors together!  Next I stamped using plate Cheeky CH10. Here is that step.


Ott Lite

Oh so much better so far!  I next added another stamp using plate BM14 and finishing it up with my funky.  Here are the awesome results.



Ott Lite

Close Up

I almost added sparkle but decided against it.  I'm glad I didn't.  It's much prettier this way.  Doesn't this remind you of wallpaper?  This was my original idea and wish I hadn't tried messing with it as on my last post.

What do you think? As my title says, is this Mo' Better?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?