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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fishing Nails

I am back from Canada and still in New York with the Fam.  I got seriously sunburned on my arms.  Normal since I don't go out much and I'm pale as death.  Now I have a sexy rash on both arms.  I'll let you put that image in your mind for a moment..........

Anywho, before I went there, I had a chance to do mine and my niece's nails.  I did not do a bottle shot, but I will give you a picture of the view from our camp.

Isn't this serene?  I would so live there if I could and wake up to this visual every day. This is the view standing on our dock.

Back to the mani.  My niece, chose the same colors I had used before.  Enchanted Polish Disco Barbie with A England Perceval.  I started with the Barbie pink and stamped with the Perceval.  Here is what she came up with.

I used two different MASH plates for this. She picked the colors and the designs.  I'm telling you, she will be a great nail artist someday!

I started with a new indie polish to me, Piper Polish Lime Green Dream, which is a light seafoam green holo.  It is not as holo-y as I like, but still pretty.  Here is that all by itself.


It is a really pretty color.  Then I simply stamped with SDP plate M and A England St George, and added my funky.  Now, this design over powered the Lime Green Dream. So not sure if I am totally thrilled with this or not.  You be the judge.



Close Up

So what do you think?  Does this design overpower?  Or do you like it?  Here is a shot of both of our hands.

We have plans to do our nails again today and tomorrow.  Then she goes back to school on Monday.  First grade-she told me yesterday that she's a big girl now!

I leave you with another view from Canada.  Stay tuned for my picture of Moby Dick that I caught while there.  We ate him last night! I also tried Kayaking for the first time, stay tuned for that.

This is the view from the camp.  This view happens to be my screensaver.

I hope you aren't missing me too much! I haven't seen any of your posts. But eventually, I will catch up and comment!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?