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Monday, September 10, 2012

Better in the dark

I continue on with my posts from vacation.  People seemed to really like my scenic pictures from Canada, so I have more to share with you today.

Yesterday there were bad storms that went through the town.  We lost power for almost nine hours.  So this mani was done in the dark, and believe you me, this is better off in the dark where you can't see it!

But before we get to that, in lieu of bottle shots, here is a picture of Moby Dick that I caught while fishing.  This is a 16 inch, 4 pound largemouth bass. I have not caught one this big in quite a few years, so I am quite proud of this one.  And boy was he tasty when we ate him the next day!

Is this not a gorgeous fish?  Please note the polished nails while fishing.  An addict must always be polished right?  I think I will spare you the trauma of me cutting him up, and yes I do have pictures of that. The T-shirt is an ad for my brother's bar.  He owns the local bar here.

Now, my niece once again, picked out the colors and design for her nails.  This time however, she wanted to have my funky to be like me.  She chose Barry M Cyan and A England Tristam.  I started with the Cyan and stamped with Tristam.  I used two different Bundle Monster plates from the new collection.  She wanted snowflakes. Here is her mani.

Yes it is very hard to do a funky on an almost 6 year old who won't sit still!  My colors aren't as grand.  But remember, you can only bring so many bottles of polish with you on vacation.  I think I brought about 15?

I started with A England Holy Grail with an accent of Bettina Yellow.  Here is that shot.  I apologize for the blurry pictures, the power was out.

This started out well, but my original idea was to stamp with the opposite color.  When I tried it on my thumb, it just wasn't working for me. I went through several colors and wasn't happy with any of them.  I ended up using A England Indigo and SDP plate N and topped off with my funky of course.  Here are the results.

Close Up

Like I said, these nails are better viewed in the dark!  I am taking this off today and doing something completely different.  I can't look at this anymore on my nails!!

I leave you with some more scenic shots.

This is a picture of our camp in Canada, my happy place.  And then this is me doing what I do best. Fishing!  Oh how I wish I could spend my life here and fish all day every day...........

I have four more days of vacation. Two still with the fam, one driving home and a day to get prepared to go back to reality.  Must win the lotto-

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?