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Monday, August 13, 2012

More fun with Selkie

Oh people-you have no idea the huge mistake I have made.  I've been telling you that I am a week behind and 1000s of posts to read.  Yesterday I was trying to catch up when somehow I accidentally hit the delete all button!  All my reading gone in a poof. There is no undo button and I am forced to now have missed out on all your gorgeous manis!  Anyone out there whom I normally comment on and who feels I missed out on something awesome you did, please leave me a comment and I'll check it out.  I did update my blogroll so if this happens again, I can at least catch up on my faves, but it is not a complete list since I can't remember of the 800+ blogs I follow, which ones I hate to miss out on!

Next on the list of things to tell you, another online dating disaster story.  This one involves a man who sounded sane, said all the right things and then I got a picture in my email.  It was of his 'johnson' at full salute.  Now why do men think this is something we want to see after 'meeting' the hour before?  Do they think it's part of the getting to know you process? Do they think they need to pass some sort of test?  The worst part?  When I said it offended me, he acted like I was the prude. That he was all comfortable with his body and being naked and that he was going to move on to others on the site.  Well good for you and your 'johnson!'

There are two out there who have peaked my interest in a real way.  I am now fully aware that there are way too many weirdos out there and have my guard up and will take my time getting to know these two.  Wish me luck!

Shall we get on to the polish?  Here is your bottle shot for today.

Here we have Lilacquer Selkie, OPI Roadhouse Blues, Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise, Barry M Cyan Blue and Girly Bits Cu Blue.

I started with the two Girly Bits polish.  These are from her newest collection, Slap Dash. I did the Arctic Sunrise with an accent of Cu.  There was no sun at this point. Here are those shots.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite
These are pretty but they are sheer and jelly like.  I could not stamp with them, that's why there are so many colors in the bottle shot.  I stamped with RoadHouse Blues and Cyan on the accent.  I used SDP plate Q.  Here is that step.

Ott Lite
Pretty cool eh?  Next I added a layer of Selkie and topped it off with my funky in the same polish I stamped with.  Here are the results.

Ott Lite

Indoor Sun

Ott Lite

Indoor Sun

Close Up

I'm sure I've done a blue fest like this before, just not with this stamp.  I will never tire of that Selkie shimmer.

Why do you think men send pictures of their 'johnson?'

Don't forget, if you are particularly proud of a mani you did since last Saturday, leave me a comment.  I'm mad that I have missed out on them and your stories!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?