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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Polka Dot Bikini Holo

Do you remember the song from the 50s-Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?  I now have that song running through my head.  Over and over.......

I have told you all about the big hairy cujos that I get in my house. Well yesterday, the Cujos paled in comparison. I was outside my kitchen and saw a weird spider web next to my sliding glass door.  Normally, I love spider webs.  I think they are beautiful.  But this one was not like others I had seen before.  When I looked closer, I saw the scariest thing ever. Yes people.  It was a black widow.  I had never seen one at my house before. The first thing I thought was if the other spiders get in, what's to stop this one from getting in?  I grabbed my kitchen gloves, a broom and ant spray. I don't have spider spray!  I sprayed that sucker and knocked it down, but couldn't squish it since I had no shoes on.  It fell through the cracks in my deck.  I just hope it's dead. I looked up a picture to be sure and it was confirmed. Now I am freaking out.  These things are deadly!!

Now back to the program.  I recently got some new Rescue Beauty Lounge and have shown you Purple Haze and Poco a Poco.  Today we are delving into Bikini Bottom.  The sun also finally came out, so I thought it a good time to play with my holos.

Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

This is RBL Bikini Bottom, Enchanted Polish Marge's Blue Beehive and Midnight.  Sorry I messed up the order in the picture!  On the left is Midnight, the right is Marge and the middle is Bikini Bottom.

I started with BB.  This is way too sheer for me.  I have not the patience to do multiple layers to get opacity.  I made myself do three layers and then I added a layer of a holo topcoat.  BB is pretty. It's a sheer light aqua.  Here is the first step.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite
I never tire of holo rainbows.  This blue would be so much better if it wasn't so sheer! Next I grabbed my dotting tools and went to town with Midnight, a charcoal holo.  I then added a few Blue Beehive dots.  Here is that step.


Ott Lite

Pretty cool so far right?  I then added my funky with Midnight.  Here are the results.


Ott Lite

Indoor Sun


Close Up

So what do you think?  I am loving the rainbows in this.  Midnight is one of my favorite holos.

The creator of Enchanted Polish told me this was her favorite that I have done with her holos so far. Do you agree?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?