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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dragonfly Fail-

I just finished cleaning my 30 gallon fish tank.  Man what a chore that is.  I have it down to done in about 45 minutes.  I'd been too lazy lately and my poor fishy's house was filthy.  Now it's all shiny and happy in there.  Not really sure why you care, I'm just making conversation.

Oh and my computer and I are slowly making friends.  It is still a pain, but I am slowly learning the quirks.  I told you that I had purchased Photoshop.  I installed it and promptly couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing.  All I wanted was a damn watermark!  I emailed some people, I got mad, I watched videos and nothing.  I hate feeling stupid-it's my pet peeve.  Then yesterday, it was like a light bulb suddenly went off.  I got it and I got it good.  Now you will see my new watermarks.  I'm still playing so some are crooked, but that's ok.  I finally beat Photoshop. I am victorious!

Polish Amor picked out the colors for today's mani.  For those who follow her blog, you should know what's coming.

Here is your ultra cool bottle shot for today. Think this is my favorite one so far.

Any one want to guess what the background of this bottle shot is?  I'll tell you at the end.  This is Elevation Polish Pic du Gar, Barry M Vivid Purple, Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato and Lilacquer Encantado.  These are in a fancy champagne flute.  Fancy eh? And yes purple and pink are Iris's favorite colors. Yes I just realized I forgot the RBL in this bottle shot! Dammit!

I started with Pizzicato.  This is a sheer pink with silver shimmer.  I forced myself to do three coats here.  Here is that step.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite
Check out those watermarks. Pretty cool eh?  Like I said, I'm still playing.  I couldn't find the font I wanted-but I did find it today for future watermarks.  The curved ones you have to draw yourself, that's why they are a little wonky.  I love them!  Now I just need to figure out how to move the pictures in my header so I can update it myself.  That's the next battle to tackle!

This pink is pretty. The sun bleached it out, but the Ott Lite pics really show the delicate shimmery pink.  I next tried several things, had to remove each stamp and start over. By the time I got something worth saving, I was too mad to photograph the steps.

I stamped with Pic du Gar and plate SDP M.  I then dotted some with the Barry M, but I think I ruined the dragonflies.  Iris disagrees with me.  I topped it off with a layer of Encantado for shimmer and my funky using the Barry M.  Here are the final results.


Ott Lite

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Close Up

So is this a fail or not?  I tried filling in the wings of the dragonflies, but thought it took away from the stamp and looked like blobs.  I must say I am loving my watermarks here! I'm so proud that I finally figured it out.

I'm sorry that I neglected to do the steps.  I will do better in the future!  Thank you to Iris for picking out the colors when I couldn't decide!

Now did you figure out what the background of my bottle shot is?  It's a shower curtain! The bottom of it with the glass sitting on the floor.  You'd never tell that it was a shower curtain would you? I love this picture!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?