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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not My Idea

Since I have been slacking in the good idea department lately, I figured I'd use someone else's good idea.  In reality, when I saw this mani, I immediately ordered one of the polish used to make it and then reproduced it.

I don't even think I have a good story for you today.  I am getting very good at spotting the weirdos on the online dating sites.  One guy was saying all the right things, but something in the back of my mind just didn't believe him.  When I said I needed to see a better picture than the one he had up, he balked. When I insisted, I never heard from him again and lo and behold, the picture he was using has been removed and there is no picture attached to that profile at this time.  What I think is, he emails someone and when they insist on a picture, he puts one of many up.  I must admit though, I never saw that one coming.  I thought this was an upstanding guy. Oh but I got an email from him the next day, saying he was just tired of all the games.  Don't need to write that guy back!

Due to all this drama, I have cancelled all but my free dating site.  At this time, it's more a game to see if I can spot the weirdos. Although I have been emailing one guy pretty regularly the past few days.  But still have not done the actual in person thing yet.

Anywho, the mani that I have reproduced is from Amy Grace at The Polished Perfectionist.  She has the most perfect manis and her stamping is exquisite. Her blog is one of my idols.  I strive to be like hers.

Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

This is A England Elaine and Color Club Wild at Heart.  This is not one of my better bottle shots.

I started with Elaine and an accent of Wild.  These are both gorgeous deep purples.  As you will see, my camera hates purples.  Here are the beginning steps.

Ott Lite


Ott Lite
The Wild is pretty color accurate, but the Elaine is way too blue here.  I haven't mastered Photoshop by a long shot to fix this.  I next stamped with the opposite color using SDP plate N.  I finished it off with my usual funky.  Here are the results.


Ott Lite


Indoor Sun

Close Up

This is so much cooler in person.  I actually am loving these two purples together.  This is a more subtle effect in real life.  Please click here to be taken to Amy Grace's perfect mani.  You will see the actual subtlety and the correct purpleness.  You will see why I just had to try it for myself and I was not disappointed.

In closing,  I leave you with the cutest random sleeping kitty shot.

I saw them curled up like this and just had to snap a picture.  I can't say I've seen them sleep like this before.  Isn't it cute??

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?