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Friday, August 17, 2012

I just can't get it right-

Once again, I tried so hard to come up with a winning mani.  As you all know, it's hard to keep coming up with new and exciting combinations and designs.  I picked what I thought were two colors that would go well, but in the end did not.

Before we get to the mess, of course I must update you on my online dating adventures.  I told you all about the johnson incident.  Next, a friend of mine, whom I now hate and told him so, hooked me up with the site Plenty of Fish.  Which is a free dating site.  Now you all saw my picture last post and it seems I am being treated like just a set of boobs.  One comment was "what I could do with that body."   Really people?  Is that supposed to make me swoon and want to reply?  NOT!  Then there was the two I told you I kind of liked.  Well the one, never replied back, saying he had no time, his schedule was crazy.  Then guess what I found?  His profile on this PoF site! Yup, so he is a big fat liar and it seems that most men suck.

My mom found the johnson story funny yet disturbing.  Who wouldn't right?  She asked if that was illegal.  Does anyone know?  I know it is if I were a minor, but what about consenting albeit offended adults?  So the list is down to one.  He seems nice, we have talked on the phone, but I am not ready for an actual meeting.  Am still trying to figure out when the creepy psycho is going to appear.  So we will talk on the phone and see what happens.  In the meantime, I am getting inundated with emails from this PoF site and not one are worthy of my fabulousness.

*EDIT* Dude never called me back and I haven't heard from him since!

OK on to the mani at hand.  I lacked inspiration for a cool bottle shot.  Here is today's.

This is OPI Russian Navy, A England Morgan LeFay and Lilacquer To Protect Love.

I started with two layers of Protect and one layer of Morgan on top with an accent of Navy.  Protect Love is a peachy color with gold shimmer.  It really is pretty, but I didn't capture that on camera.  Here are the first shots.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite
This Navy is gorgeous but stains something awful.  I love the shimmer that Morgan gives.  On my right hand, I added a layer of Morgan to Navy, but it covered up the blue too much.  Next I simply stamped with the opposite color using SDP plate O and finished it off with my funky.  I didn't feel like messing too much with this because I could tell the colors don't play very well together.  Here are the results.


Ott Lite

Indoor Sun


Close Up

See what I mean about these two colors not really complimenting the other?  This is definitely not some of my best work.  I do love that squiggle design and will use that one again.

So, what do you think of my online adventures?  Do you like hearing my tales or should I change the topic???

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?