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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brown turned green

I decided that I needed a mani just for me.  Can you guess what that means?  Oh yeah-BROWN!  I had such high hopes for this because it was just for my enjoyment.  As much as I love color changers-sometimes they change things for the worse.  So for me, this is a brown fail.

I think I have made the executive decision to call the Orkin man.  Yesterday I literally squished over 20 centipedes.  You know those wormlike things with a billion legs? Maybe they were millipedes-who cares.  What they are is annoying and nasty in my house.  I've also seen a couple of cockroaches-which I call kook-a-ratch-as.  Plus big and little ants and the huge Cujo spiders.  You must think I live in nasty dirty ville but in actuality it's because of my close proximity to the woods.  There are always more in my house after a heavy rain.  I shudder to think what goes on in the dark while I'm sleeping!

Have I succeeded in totally skeeving you out??  Have I given you nightmares?  Very nice-now you are with me in spirit.

Shall we change the subject and talk nail polish now?  Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

Oh I forgot to mention-I finally got an Ott Lite!!!  I have yet to try it out but here it is in all its glory.  This will really help me out on days with no sun.

This is Lilacquer Lycanthrope, Barry M Mushroom, Chocolate Brown and Lilacquer Selkie. I started with both browns.  Here are the shots of that.




Oh that Ott Lite would have come in handy here-since the sun was hiding!  These two browns are so stunning.  Milk and dark chocolate cremes.  YUM!  It started off all right. Here's where it all went wrong.  I stamped with the opposite color and plate SDP-N. Then I added a layer of both Selkie-which has blue green color changers and Lycanthrope which has gold and green color changers.  I topped it off with my funky in the base color.  I usually do the funky in the same color I stamp with.  I should have done that I think.  Here are the results.






Close Up

Yup, my luscious brown was changed into green.  Now you all know I do love green but this was supposed to be a brown day.  Check out that cool shimmer in the lamplight blurred out picture! Nice! I'll know better next time!

So what do you guys think?  Time to call the bug man?  Is this mani a fail?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?