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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Same stamp design-blues style

I am on to day two of my challenge to show how one stamp design can look very different using different colors.  Just one more in this mini series to go.

Today we are singing the blues.  I am a huge music lover and listen to all sorts of music from Gregorian Chant by monks, which is actually the very first music known to man, to country, rap, classical and every decade and type of music out there.  My personal favorite decade is the 80s.  I am stuck in that era and proud of it.

My favorite band is the Violent Femmes-Gordan Gano if you are reading this you freakin rock!  I have seen them at least five times live.  They are no longer touring but their music lives on for me!  I think I get my love of music from my dad.  He has an extensive record collection from Elvis, Big Band to the 50s and 60s, country and can sing the most obscure songs that sometimes makes me wonder if he's making it all up. But he really isn't!  Growing up, we always had music on while eating dinner.  Most of the time, it was Glenn Miller.  Oh how I still love that Big Band sound.

Yes I digress once again.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

Damn that's a lot of polish!  This is Lilacquer Selkie, Rescue Beauty Lounge Cuprum, Elevation Polish Ubsunur, Barry M Cyan blue and Lilacquer Encantado.

Since June 7th is coming, I thought I should do more Elevation Polish to get you excited for her new collection coming out!  Stay tuned here to see those beauties!

I started with Ubsunur which is a dark blackened blue with shimmer and an accent of Cuprum which is a lighter blue with copper shimmer.  The shimmer in Ubsunur matches the color of Cuprum so I thought they'd be great together.  Here are those shots.




This Ubsunur is stunning!  I am in love with this polish.  The Cuprum shimmer got lost but the blue is gorgeous and compliment each other very well.  Next I stamped with MASH plate 50, same design as before using Cyan.  I forgot to take pictures of these steps! DUH!  I added a layer each of Selkie and Encantado which are both color changers with blue green shimmer.  I topped it all off with my funky in the original base color.  Here are the results.  I wish I had gotten pictures of each step! Sorry!




Indoor Sun


Close Up

I realized after the fact that these top coats muted the pattern and made it very hard to see especially on the accent nail.  However, I do love the shimmer and sparkle that they give to this mani.  You can see this is a totally different feel from my last design using this same pattern.

Make sure you stay tuned for more new Elevation polish!  Her new collection comes out June 7!  Also, MASH plates are available now.  Click here to buy them.

Who is your favorite band?  What kind of music do you listen to?  Are you loving this mini series with the same stamp design?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?