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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog sale, an award and a random kitty picture

Just wanted to draw your attention to the new tab at the top of my blog.  I have started a blog sale to help pay for my Nails Inc addiction.  Please check it out if you'd like.

Plus I won another Sunshine Award from Laura's Lacquers.  I had recently won one so I'm not going to answer all the questions all over again. But I am honored and thrilled that my blog is enjoyed by so many.  I am really happy and thankful for my 80 followers so far.  I want to say to Laura a great big thank you and I love your blog.  You rock!

I'd also like to share a random cute kitty picture that I took the other day.  It's my baby Checkers laying on a cooler piled with tote bags.  Yes I get totebags every year for nurses week.  So original.  So I have quite a few.  Isn't she cute?

A reminder that there are 10 days left before my giveaway closes.  Make sure you enter! See you tomorrow!


  1. Wow your blog is growing so much faster than mine! Nice job! *pats Checkers*

  2. @Laura-your blog is growing just as fast chica! Checkers is purring for you.

  3. Congrats on the 80 followers! How many kitties do you have? I have one in particular that reminded me of yours...he lays on my gym tote bag!

  4. @P&C-I have 2 indoor cats-Sam and Checkers both 9 and a wild outdoor cat named Noisy, age unknown. My profile picture shows them. The middle cat, Mozart died recently. But I love that picture.

  5. Congratulations on the followers, I'm sure you'll get many many more soon. Your blog is great. :)

  6. Heya! Just wanted to say that I finally figured out that it was CHROME giving me all those problems! Now I'm a sad Oreo because I have to use my firefox for blogging (which likes to freeze every five minutes. GRR.), but now I can comment normally! :D

    Also I *finally* got my first blog post up. The mint chocolate mani, just for you :)


  7. @Sandra-thank you so much for the compliment!

    @Oreo- it's about time you figured out the problem! Your blog is awesome- ESP cause you mention me! Haha


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