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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I sure am good at subtle-

I had big plans for this mani.  I really did.  I was gonna wow you guys like there's no tomorrow.  What happened you ask?  Well you'll have to read on to find out.

I realized that I hadn't used my beloved Rescue Beauty Lounge polish in a while.  So I grabbed my Piu Mosso which is a dark blue with this great orange shimmer.  I thought I'd play up the shimmer and stamp with orange polish.  I thought wrong.

First up-the required silly bottle shot.

Wait a minute you ask?  I don't see any orange polish in that picture.  Read on my friend, read on.  I polished with the RBL and the first layer showed this incredible orange shimmer and I was all sorts of excited.  I think this is the world's perfect polish formula.  I had forgotten how awesome it is.  I next did the second coat as always and wait a minute-the orange disappeared!  All I was left with was a super nice dark blue which I love but I really had in mind to play up the orange shimmer remember?  Here are your shots.




Yes you can still see shimmer but it is not orange anymore.  I was so disappointed.  Of course, I had to change tactics and pick a different polish to stamp with.  I decided to go with A England Tristam.  I had seen this all over the blogs and still hadn't tried my own yet.  This is a medium blue with holo goodness.  I used plate XL I but it won't matter to you because you can't see the design.  What you get is really cool holo shimmer but the design got lost in the subtlety.  I topped it off with my usual funky french.  Here it is.






Close Up

Even though it's not the mani I started out with in my head, I think this actually came out really cool.  I just love the sparkle of the holo Tristam and need to do a full mani with it.  I realize you can't see the design, but in a way that's ok because of the shimmer and glow in the sun.  The other nice thing? It didn't stain when I took it off.  That's what I love about RBL polish too.

I really would have loved to see my original idea of the orange shimmer stamp.  I wish more of the orange showed through like it does in the bottle.  In my mind, this is still a keeper, subtle as it is.

What do you guys think?

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