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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Enchanted Polish Pegacorn

I am still waiting for my car to arrive-hopefully it won't be much longer.

I think I am breaking up with my lawn guy.  Right now, he's charging me $40USD for about twenty minutes of mowing.  I like to have my grass short, he keeps telling me it's not good for the grass.

Who's paying whom here???

I keep asking him to go shorter.  What's been happening is, instead of the grass being cut, it's simply being pushed over and after he leaves, the grass pops back up and is long again.  I asked him to cut it to less than two inches. His reply was that he would have to mow my yard four times and charge me $50USD to get it that short.

In the meantime, two neighbors of mine have gorgeous short lawns and use a push mower where my lawn guy uses an industrial one.

So who's the idiot here?

Me perhaps?

I've decided that it's time for me to try to mow my own yard.  I have never done it before.  I've always paid someone to do it for me.  Reasons why, I may share with you guys some day.  Trust I have them.

Anywho, I've researched it and found a mower for $200USD that looks like it's not too heavy, has an easy starter and bags the grass which I like.  I may go this week to Sears to check it out.  I have to be able to lift it out of my car when I get home.  The site says it weighs 65lbs and I'm not sure I am strong enough to lift that much.

I can either get a neighbor to help me get it out of my car, or wait for my mom to come in mid June to help me. That scenario however means I will be paying someone to not do what I'm paying them to do.  When I told my lawn guy that I may look into getting my own mower, his response was not to keep my business.

There was no "Oh Fingers, what can I do to keep your business?" It's was more of a "it may be best" sort of reply.  Is this really someone I now want to keep paying?

I don't think so.

One more reason I need a man around.  Mow the lawn and kill Cujo the huge a** spider.

Oh one last thought.  I've told you about my acne.org regimen and how awesome it is right? Well I bought myself new white sheets for my new foam mattress.  620 thread count, 100% Egyptian Cotton. Oh yeah baby.  I wanted the 1000 thread count, but way out of my price range.

I also bought a new white towel for washing my face.  The benzoyl peroxide is bleaching everything, so I'm switching to white things.  Weird thing is, my new towel tag specifically says don't use with BP.  Now why would that be? How can a bleaching agent like BP ruin a white towel?

I'll get back to you, once I find out.

All right, here is the new Enchanted Polish Pegacorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now this is not the strongest holo ever, but it's a gorgeous teal blue and I do like it a lot!

My nails are slowly growing out and I'm happy for that for sure!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?