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Monday, May 23, 2016

Chaos and Crocodiles Pony in a Party Hat

Now there's a name for a polish right?  During my last hiatus, I didn't pay attention to my blog at all. When I came back and was writing last week's posts, I realized that my popular posts side bar photos were blurry. Since I paid to get this unique blog design, I contacted my designer to ask what was up.

Seems Blogger in their stupidity decided to make this happen as it takes away from the main focus. That being the new post.  Well I think that is stupid as all hell and I wrote Blogger and told them so. Why would you ever think a blurry photo anywhere on a blog would be a good thing?

Luckily, my blog designer is a genius and had already created code to combat Blogger's.  Since I know a little bit about the coding and the template, I was able to insert her code into mine and the problem was instantly fixed.

Now we just have to wait and see what changes Blogger will decide to do next.  They still haven't fixed the link that gets you to the area where you can unfollow blogs in an easy manner.  That's been broken since the day I started this blog five years ago now.  I wanted to clean that up as tons of these blogs are no longer active, but no way am I going thru 700 blogs one by one.

Oh hell no.

The other curious thing I have noted is all of a sudden, I am getting quite a few friend requests on my Facebook account.  I've gone from not having many to now 109.  People who are friending me, I must tell you that I am not active on Facebook at all.  I don't like pages, I don't friend people, my posts automatically post on Facebook by magic I created.  You won't offend me if you unfriend me.  To be honest, I probably won't even notice!

I am just curious as to the why it's happening now?

You can see I don't have anything there other than the posts that are here.  Makes me wonder what's going on. Hopefully someone will enlighten me.

Now today we have a gorgeous strong linear holo that just makes me happy.  It is why I love Chaos and Crocodiles so much.

Here is her latest called Pony in a Party Hat.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How freakin awesome is this???? Chaos, if you're reading this, I bow to you and your mastery of all things holo!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?