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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Colors by LLarowe Blonde Ambition, Woman from Tokyo

Yes people, I've done it again.  I wore Blonde Ambition by itself.  It's the holy holo grail of all holos. I need a back up bottle as it's my most used holo.

I told you that recently it was my birthday and I was looking to buy a new car.  Before you get all upset thinking I'm Mommy Warbucks, that is so far from the truth it's ridiculous.

My foam mattress was actually my real birthday present.  I saved for four months to pay for it. The reason I was looking to buy a car on my birthday was two fold.  My mom was here and I may have needed her to cosign the loan for me as my ex husband f*cked up my credit and my dad had to cosign my last car loan.

Which I paid off.

Seems that since I had a bankruptcy in 2012, I have since fixed the credit my ex ruined and my score is back in the excellent range and didn't need my mom to cosign.  That was a proud moment for me as I've worked hard to fix my credit.

The other reason is, I put a ton of miles on my car and it's four years old with 83,000 miles on it already.  The trade in value will keep going down and I won't get a good price for it if I wait. Remember I told you I had done the math and had figures in my head.

Well, I didn't do my due diligence and my homework and feel I got screwed a bit.  While I used truecar.com for what I should pay for the new one and what they will sell my used car for, I neglected to go on kelley blue book to see what my actual trade in value is.  That's where I screwed up.  So I was $2000 off.  So yeah, I was hoping for payments around $108, in reality it's going to be closer to $130 for six years instead of four.  Sh*t.

Doable, but I hate being screwed.

I officially signed a contract for a 2016 Honda Civic manual transmission in Burgundy Night Pearl.

Now this is my third car from this dealer and I am well aware that they won't have a stick on the lot for me-I'm used to having to wait for them to find me the car I want.

I'm ok with that.

Then two weeks went by with no word at all.


Then a text from my car guy.  Seems they can't find me my car in an at least three state area, so the Honda factory is MAKING ME MY CAR.

How freakin cool is that?

The car I will be getting is made just for me and I will be the only one with this particular car.  Yeah I call myself special for this.  Keeps me going you know?

I still don't have my new car yet, but when I do, I will be painting my nails to match my car and taking tons of pictures to show you.  What polish?? Chanel Malice of course! The elusive polish I so love but need a back up bottle of.  My car looks black, but sparkles red in the sun.  I'm excited and can't wait to get it!

All right, put your sunglasses on as it's time for Blonde Ambition!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This was right before the peels took even more off my nails.  But how amazing is this gold holo? Anyone want to donate a back up bottle to me, feel free!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?