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Friday, May 20, 2016

Essie Sole Mate

Another thing happened during my two week absence.  My blog officially turned five.  I cannot believe I have been doing this for five years! It's insane.

My very first post I did Essie Wicked as it is my mom's favorite color.  At least in the burgundy purply range.  I almost did Wicked again for the anniversary, but instead turned to Sole Mate as a similar and also a very old Essie in my collection.

The issue is, my nails are nubs and just awful and ugly-so ignore that part!

Work has been annoying.  Besides busy as hell, my two coworkers are just being stupid.  One day last week, they both were having bad days and crying and expecting me to listen to their crap, but the next day I was having a bad day and they were literally having a party, playing trivial pursuit and not doing any work nor asking if I needed any help or if I was ok.

It's getting old.  The one coworker is in a war with her clerk.  They just yell at each other on the phone all day long and instead of just letting it go and doing your work, she bitches and moans and writes emails to superiors and fills out safety concern forms.  I'm thinking you complain that you are here til 8:30 at night and yet here you are doing nothing but making your life more hell by doing all this stuff.

It's just ridiculous.  The other one cries because the MD she works for was mean.  Hmmmmm, he's been mean since day one, fired me as his nurse because he didn't like me and you are just now figuring out he's mean????? And she's applied to get the official title for what she's already doing?

Yeah, let me cry you a river.

Meanwhile, I'm busting my a** taking care of my patients in a tiny corner of a packed room full of people and I don't even get a raise or a thank you from my superiors.  Although I did get a very nice voicemail from a lady whom I'm hoping will tell my superiors how fabulous I am.  I didn't do what I did to get that voicemail, but it was nice to be recognized.

Oh and Stupid has been told that "she doesn't have the qualifications" to do the job she was doing before she quit.  HEHEHE.  Although the new job ad is calling for applicants to have a Master's degree.  Now that's a joke. What I do is push paper. now granted, I do more than my coworkers but it sure ain't Master's degree work.

So the two that have applied with a Master's degree find out it's really just pushing paper and they don't take the job and I don't blame them one bit.  I wouldn't do what I am doing if I had a Master's I promise you that.

All right, let's do this.  This is Essie Sole Mate.


It truly is a gorgeous color, my nails just need some help! This is for my mom as it's been Mother's Day and her birthday and I'm late on both for sending her cards.  Yes I suck, but she loves me anyway!  This is also for my five year anniversary of this blog being in existence.  As crazy as that is!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?