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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Makeup Geek Dragonfly, Lemon Drop

Windows 10 lasted a whole ten days on my computer.  I just couldn't deal with all the changes, the bugs and just didn't like it at all.  I went ahead and got my Windows 7 back.  What that did was corrupt several of my files and one I can't find to uninstall so I can reinstall.

I plan on calling Samsung this coming week, tried to do an online chat but they aren't open on weekends.  I know I can do the restore option, but I think I will lose the pictures I have uploaded since then for my blog etc.  I will keep you posted!  Just know I am happy to have my 7 back!

I've been keeping a list of songs to get on my iphone.  You guys know how much music means to me. I'm still old school and usually buy CDs, but this time, I just went with the songs I wanted and downloaded them.  At $1.29 per song though, I think I just spent about $20.  But it's all good.

What did I download you ask?

A BUNCH of Howard Jones songs as I cannot believe I don't own his CD.  I love love love him and am mad at myself for not having any to listen to the past years.   Same goes with Talking Heads-cannot believe I don't have a CD of theirs. Got a bunch of John Mellencamp AKA Cougar.  You know that song Jack and Diane of his? No I didn't download that one, but that song always gives me flashbacks to 8th grade and a sleepover at a friend's house.

That song had just come out yes people, I'm old, and we were playing that song and playing spin the bottle. There was only one boy there so he got to kiss all of us.  It is quite silly to think about now. But he must have felt like the sh*t kissing all us girls.

Let's see what else.  Oh two AC/DC songs.  Back in Black and You shook Me All Night Long. Classics.  As I sit here, I'm chair dancing to Howard Jones. So worth the money.  Lastly, I got Run DMC Christmas in Hollis.  Was in the movie Die Hard, which is my all time favorite movie and I always said I've GOT to get that song and it just sat on my iphone list.

Well no more!

Did you know the evil villain in that movie passed away? Made me so sad when I saw that.  I love him in Die Hard.  Yippee Kiyaa Motherf*cker.

All right let's do what we came here for.

This was sooooooo bright and loud that when I went into Ulta, the chick with the neon yellow hair commented on how cool I looked! This is Makeup Geek Dragonfly, Shark Bait and Ocean Breeze with Voltage in the waterline and Colourpop DTLA liner on top.  This was with Ardell Demi Wispies.

Next up is way different.

This was without false lashes.  I was running late and didn't have time, but one of my readers said she prefers me without lashes.  I don't like them here as I feel they are too clumpy.  But I just may do some days without lashes.  This is Makeup Geek Lemondrop, Yellow Brick Road and Poison Ivy.

I hope you have enjoyed this.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?