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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Makeup Geek High Wire, Cosmopolitan

So I spent $5 on a dozen eggs the other day.  I called my mom up to tell her and she laughed at me. You see, these are eggs from cage free, vegetarian fed, cruelty free chickens.  I donate to the Humane Society every month and I've seen the egg factories and how the chickens are packed so tightly in cages, they can't even move.

I find that to be so wrong.  So when I saw these eggs I thought I'd try them.  Mom asked if they tasted any different.  All I can say is not very much.  The yolk is almost orange and it does have a more egg flavor, but if I had a regular egg and this egg in a taste contest, I probably couldn't tell the difference.

Not sure I will buy them again.  I do like the premise of it, but $5 a dozen is a lot when a normal dozen is $2.  A large family certainly couldn't afford that at all.  They should pass regulations that chickens need to be cage free.

OH I totally forgot to tell you! I get paid every other Friday.  You can check your pay the day before. I always look at mine to make sure it's correct.  Imagine my outrage when I looked, it was only half of what I should have gotten.

I started freaking out big time.  It said I had thirty hours of unpaid time, that I had ten hours of education time and none of those things happened.  Also all my clock ins and outs were gone for those two weeks.  WTF!!!!

Now you see, one of the VERY high ups at my hospital loves me. I called her secretary crying and freaking out about this.  She looked at my time card and freaked out too.  You see, there is a new person there who isn't supposed to be touching my time card as she has screwed it up before but this time she screwed me to a whole new level.

The secretary called the head of Payroll and got them to cut me a check for the difference that I was owed. Now reality is, you don't normally get this kind of treatment.  You would normally have to wait until the next pay period to get what was owed you.

I was told I could pick it up at 3pm.  I had to walk six city blocks up then two blocks to the left to get to the Payroll department.  Yes it was a damn long haul! I got there and they were like you weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow.  But they finally gave it to me and said I must have been working there a long time to get this kind of special treatment.

I felt like saying, I have friends in high places, but I didn't.  I was told that this person will never touch my pay roll again and that "there are things happening" I can't be told about.  I hope that means my boss will go and this new chick will go.  My boss should have checked behind her to make sure my paycheck was correct.

Ain't no telling who else's she's messed up!

Now on to the eye looks.

This is Makeup Geek High Wire and Galaxy with Colour Pop liner in Kicker with Ardell Demi Wispies.

This is Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan, Roulette and Magic Act with Ardell Demi Wispies.  See the touch of bling in the center?

So cool!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?