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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Makeup Geek Pegasus, Flame Thrower, Colour Pop Telepathy, Game Face

The sun has been out ever since the big snow so a ton of the snow is gone.  When my neighbor's dad plowed my driveway in the dark, he ended up pulling up the stone with the snow and now when the snow melts, I will have tons of rocks on my lawn.  So what I've been doing, is short periods of time shoveling the stone off the snow banks back to my driveway.

I figure it's much easier to do this than pick the stone one by one from the grass.

What that also meant was once again, I hurt myself and pulled my left groin muscle some kind of bad.  My foot is better, but now my groin has me limping.  Yes I am a mess.

I think I've told you before that I don't watch the news, I read the newspaper.  Ever since 2004, I read the paper daily.  Well a couple of days ago, I'm eating my lunch at work, reading my paper, which is my habit when all of a sudden, I saw a photo that had me screaming.

What was it you ask?

My ex husband.

Yes, my ex husband whom I haven't seen or talked to since 2007 was there in my newspaper.  You see he gave up his great benefited job to open up his own e-cigarette store.  The paper was talking about how the state is trying to ban smoking these in public places just like regular cigarettes are banned.  So there he was blowing smoke literally for this article and he was quoted as well.

Why they picked him out of the thirty or so of these stores around I've no idea.  I texted my mom a picture and we both had a giggle as he's looking rough and I've still got it.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Just a blast from the past that I did not need to be reminded of.  Thing is, he's the one ex that I no longer talk to. I'm one of those that still remain friends with exs.  Even my first ex husband and I are still friends.  But this ex did me wrong big time.  Ruined my credit, cheated on me when I was in NY when my mom was very sick, had her in my house oh and the jewel I remembered yesterday about him?

When I got back from two months in NY taking care of my mom, the cable bill had a porno charge on it.  Well we didn't watch porn and he denied watching it.  I called up the company and yelled at them making them remove the charge all while he was sitting there next to me.

Of course, I now realize he did charge it and let me believe otherwise and I was too stupid to see reality.

Yeah, so I didn't need to see him in my paper.

Now let's look at pretty eyeshadows.

This is Makeup Geek Neptune, Pegasus and Center Stage.  I used Colour Pop liner in DTLA and my Ardell Wispies lashes.  So freaking cool!

Here's the next one.

This one is Makeup Geek Fortune Teller and Flame Thrower with Colour Pop shadows in Telepathy and Game Face and again my Ardell Wispies lashes.  This was so loud and bright I probably glowed in the dark!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?