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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nine Zero Twinkle Lights, Liquid Sky Lacquer Autumn Thyme

Tomorrow, I shall be heading to Myrtle Beach.  One of my favorite places on earth.  Have been going there my whole life.  I just love the neon lights and all the kitschy touristy stuff.  No I wouldn't want to live there, but oh yeah I love to visit.  This year my job let me take a whole week off.  Before I usually was only there like four days.

Mom and I have tons of shopping and ocean waves listening to do. I won't promise that there will be posts to read while I'm gone.  It's going to depend on if I get the time.  If not, just know I'll be back of course!

Got a quick Annoying story for you.  I haven't had any lately as I've been ignoring her and she was moved out of my office.  They hired a new nurse (not new to nursing-new to us) and they had Annoying train her as it was her doctor the new hire was going to take over.  That doctor hates Annoying and begged for a different nurse.

Anywho, instead of training her, Annoying stated and I quote, don't touch anything, just follow me around and watch what I do.  May not be an exact quote as I wasn't there, but that was the drift. So this poor new hire pulled my coworker into an exam room to b*tch.  The new hire then went to the boss regarding this as well. When I heard the story, my reply was, that new nurse needs to grow a pair and tell Annoying off.

I then happened to leave the office to do stuff and when I got back, my office mates had assumed that I had spoken to Annoying about this.  They were all like did you tell her off? I replied nope, not getting involved, it's not my clinic she's messing with.

Oh and yesterday my other coworker who does breast cancer got to go to the fanciest restaurant in town for lunch.  She gets to go every year while me and my other coworker don't.  It's a damn pink world people and the rest of the more deadly cancers remain ignored.  Yes that's my rant and I stand behind every word.

You will never believe what you are about to see. An actual glitter polish that once I saw it, I HAD to have it and I actually love it.  Now you all know how much I hate glitter and the two bottles I do own are black and white glitters.  I never ever thought I'd find a glitter I'd actually want to wear.  This is that one.

Although next time I need to either do more layers, or wear it over white which I almost did. I present to you Nine Zero Twinkle Lights.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is a silver holo with tons of colored round glitters.  It's freakin amazing people.  The one glitter I look forward to wearing again!

Next up is my very first Liquid Sky Lacquer.  Autumn Thyme.


Sadly, the sun was not out for this. It's still a super gorgeous green holo though! Yes my nails are wonky.  I have since cut them down, reshaped them and while in Myrtle Beach am planning on nekked nails and oiling the hell out of them.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?