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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Remember when I told you I had spent three plus hours spraying the weeds in my driveway? Well this is the mani I did in between the first spray session and the second spray session.  It's also the first of the set of nudes by NCLA that I'm wearing.

The day this post goes up is actually my mom's birthday.  She will be in Canada at our camp like she always does.  I'm so jelly! I wish I could go more than once a year.  Anywho, she's already told me that she doesn't want to celebrate this year, same thing I felt for my birthday.  It's also a few days before we will actually be burying my dad.  I'll be headed up to NY on Wednesday for it.

It's going to be a very difficult day.

Yesterday at work was hell.  One of those days where you are so busy, you don't know if you're coming or going.  I didn't even get the work done that I normally have done.  One of the doctors I work with, wife passed away and we have cleared his patient list for two weeks.  Let's just say that when he got the call to come home, I was instantly back in January reliving the call about my dad.

So I was trying to be good and get these people new appointments etc while trying to hold my own sh*t together.

You all know that I flip people off all the time especially when I'm driving.  Well driving home from work, I flipped off the car in front of me not realizing the Man (cop) was right next to me in the next lane.  Dammit! My cop radar failed me that day.  Of course he had to get behind me and run my plates. Luckily, I have nothing on my record so he had no reason to pull me over.

Of course his being behind me meant I had to go the speed limit.

Damn I hate that!

All right, let's see the silly bottle shot.

This is NCLA II and Mundo Blue Navy.

I started with all NCLA.  Yes it's a pretty color, but damn the brush sucks big time.


If this weren't a shimmer, this just may be my exact mannequin hands polish color!

Next I stamped with my favorite design using Bundle Monster BM306 and my Mundo.


Now I did this days ago and am thinking this is actually a purple stamp called Violet, but hell, I'm getting to that age where I can't remember sh*t after about an hour! HAHAH!

You all know I love this design.  I love the swirls and intricacies and I love showing off that yes world I can stamp better than my fail a few posts ago!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom! I love you very much!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?