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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Enchanted Polish Malibu and a Fail

Those that have been with me here for a long time know damn well that I'm way too lazy to redo a mani and if I do what I call a fail, I simply suck it up until my next scheduled mani change.  Well this one was so bad that I took it right off.

Note to those out there that own this polish-it stains BIG TIME.  I ended up with smurf fingers.  So I was already pissed that I had ruined a mani, this doubly pissed me off as now I had to scrub and scrub to get the blue off so I could do another mani.

Yeah that will never happen again.

You know I like to tell you what music I'm digging at the moment.  Right now it's Iggy Azalea. Specifically the songs, F*ck Love, Just Askin', Iggy Szn, Lady Patra, Murda Bizness and lastly Pu$$y.  That last song is my favorite. I have it on repeat.  It's an awesome beat, I just wish it were longer than a two minute song.  It's on her early EP before her real CD.  You can download it off Amazon.  I promise you it's awesome.

My cat Checkers is lying sleeping on the floor next to me.  She doesn't feel good.  She needs to poop and hasn't been able to.  I've tried getting her to drink more water. I tried a warm cloth on her bum. Nothing yet.  I can tell she doesn't feel good.  Plus she's puking.  Cross your fingers people that she goes soon! I hate when my baby doesn't feel good.

Oh I got in the set of nudes from NCLA.  I've worn one so far, but I've swatched on paper all of them and the brushes suck big time.  Wonky with fibers sticking out.  For $16 a pop, I expect a good brush. Oh and I didn't realize that two were shimmers.  Now I love me some shimmers, but I thought these were supposed to be skin tone colors?

As far as I know, there ain't any race out there whose skin is shimmer?

Anywho, let's do this fail.  Here's the bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Malibu and Essie Spun in Luxe.  No I didn't mention it in the title because I didn't show it off well.

I started with all Malibu.


It is a stunning blue. But the staining is so horrific, that I honestly am not sure I'd ever wear this again.  That's a sad statement right there people.

Here's where I ruined it.  Back when I first started this blog my formula was just to stamp with a regular polish and add my funky.  I thought I'd do that here, but I didn't take the time to do it well and it smeared and I ruined it.


This also does not show this Essie well.  It's a deep blue with nice shimmer, but this just looks black.

I used a tire track stamp design by MoYou.  It's one called Biker 4.  I guess with this smearage, it's like I really WAS run over by the ugly truck! HAHAHAH!

This was removed right after this picture was taken.  Shortest mani in history.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?