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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another Parallax Polish Sneak Peak

Today I have another from the upcoming disease awareness set from Parallax Polish.  I didn't have time to do any nail art so it is strictly a fabulous swatchfest.

Remember how I told you I was back on the online dating site? I actually saw a commercial for it for the first time. The one I use is a free site that you can upgrade by paying to get other features.  So the commercial went like this.

"Why pay to meet someone, when you can do it for free?"  Yeah, not so sure that's the way I'd go with the commercial, but yeah I couldn't believe an app has a commercial.  What is the world coming too?

After three years of being on that site, I may have finally met someone worth my time.  I've already told him that if he messes with me that he'd become fodder for this blog and he has graciously (or not) accepted that challenge.  I actually had my first real date ever.  The kind where you are picked up and you actually do stuff?

Yeah. It was nice.

First, we went to a coffee house in a hip part of town that reminded me of my Goth party days when I was much younger.  Where the normal people mix with what I lovingly call the Freaks.  People with all different color hair, piercings etc. I saw so many cool hair colors, I was all sorts of jealous.  We then walked around that part of town then went to this cemetery that has Civil War Confederates buried there.

That was a cool experience.  To see gravestones from the 17 and 1800s.  Next, we went to the Fine Arts museum.  I have never been there, I am not one who understands art and paintings.  The museum was showing floral paintings by Van Gogh, Degas, Cezanne, and others that I couldn't even tell you about.  Some were very nice, others were just weird.  Like I said, I am not an art person so I have no clue or concept of these things.  When I went to college the first time, I had to take an art appreciation class.  I got through it by cheating.  Wrote notes on how to tell them apart.

Yeah, I was not a good student then! HAHAH!

It really was a nice day and I enjoyed myself big time.  Cross your fingers people! And since I know he is reading this-thank you for such a nice time.

All right onto the purpose of this post.  Here is the silly bottle shot.

This was created by a girl named Destiny.

I simply did a full mani with this.


I'm not sure how to describe this one.  I don't think it's a holo, but may have a tiny bit of holo sparkle added. It's a gorgeous blue with tons of shimmer.  This will be on sale June 1st with the other two that I showed you last post.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?