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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Essie Wrap Me Up, Polish My Life Don't Snap My Dragon

Remember when I told you it was nurse's week and the article in the paper? Well my boss had come into our office totally apologizing as she had forgotten the entire week.  She was asking my coworkers to throw a cherry tomato at her for punishment.

They all said no.

Then one of them said, "Get Fingers, she'll do it!"

So yeah, I threw that sucker so hard and it hit my boss right in the dent at the base of your neck. Bulls eye.  I was just sad that it didn't burst open.  I didn't even have to think about it.  I just went with it. My coworkers were all standing there laughing and I just turned my chair around and went back to work.

Don't ask me to do something if you're not prepared for me to do it!  You have to know there was no way I was gonna pass that up.

What would you have done?

HEHEHE. My mom called me evil-but said she liked that I did it!

Let's get to the silly bottle shot.

This is Chaos and Crocodiles My Favorite Color Is Unicorn, Polish My Life Don't Snap My Dragon and Essie Wrap Me Up.

I started with all Wrap topped with Unicorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
OMG! How awesome is this? BUT let me just say that this Essie is a PITA to apply.  Streaky, brush pulling mess. You have to just sort of glob it on and carefully level it out.  Since I'm not a matte freak, I don't know if it's just this Essie or mattes in general. I have heard though it's the Essie.

Next I did some tape and added studs then another layer of Unicorn.  The studs fell off by the next day at work. I am not a good stud wearer-I refuse to use glue.  Too hard to get off.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I kind of like how this came out.  I did a pretty good job of centering the point of the orange.  That always rocks my world!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?