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Thursday, November 13, 2014

CbL Young Grasshoppa and Mundo de Unas Stamping Polish!!!!

Finally.  After three long weeks of waiting, my new stamping polish from Mexico has arrived!

And boy does it smell like a chemical spill!  Phew!  But beyond that?  It's amazing stuff. I am in love and wish I had ordered more.  I bought eight dark colors and white.  Now I'm wishing I had bought some light colors as they are great for stamping on dark polish.  I do believe I shall be placing another order very soon!

I have to say though, the smell really is overwhelming. So if you are very sensitive, you may want to stamp outside, or not use this brand.  Not me man.  I'm all over this!

Since my parents and I were shopping all day yesterday, can you say screaming kids?, I didn't have time for anything fancy.  Since I hadn't done anything green in a while, I decided on that.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Young Grasshoppa and Mundo de Unas Military Green stamping polish.

I did yet another one color mani with Young Grasshoppa.


Holy crap!  How can you NOT love a holo like this???????  Let's just pause a moment and gaze longingly..........

Next I simply stamped using MoYou Suki plate.


Yes, it's subtle here, but oh so gorgeous in real life.  And this stuff stamps like a dream. Oh my people!  I'm in love!!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?