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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pipedream Polish High Roller, Polish My Life Storm Clouds, stamping

So I've done it again.  I've run out of polish room and had to destash.  I've got over 100 polish up on NNR on Facebook.  I need this stuff gone!  I don't get enough traffic here to do it on my blog anymore.  But if you're in that group-buy my stuff!

I've also gotten my first cracked nail since I did the gel dip.  Damn eye glasses have cut out designs on the side and it caught one of my nails just right and cracked the corner. Luckily, it didn't break completely off and I was able to use nail glue, Orly nail rescue and gel polish to glue it back in place. It seems strong, but now I'm all sorts of paranoid. Should I go back to three coats of gel?

Stupid glasses.

I had the week from hell last week.  It culminated in my boss calling me Friday afternoon to tell me she was once again taking me out of my regular clinic to cover someone's clinic who is on vacation. Remember my bitch fest about this very thing before?  And I ended up doing both clinics at the same time? Yeah, it's that again.

I simply told my boss that no I won't do it, that it's not ok and why did I bother training the other chick if you were just going to pull me again? There was a long silence and then my boss said, I'm telling you, you will do this.  I hung up the phone on her, clocked out and left work half an hour early.  I'm pissed.  This is not ok to continue to do this when you knew two months ago, she was on vacation Monday.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow at all.

Here's the silly bottle shot.

This is Polish My Life Storm Cloud, Pipedream Polish High Roller and Mundo de Unas Violet.

I started with skittles.


Indoor Sun
Forgot to mention, I added a layer of holo topcoat to these!  These Polish My Life creams are my new love!  The neons are fun too!

Next I simply stamped with Violet using Cheeky jumbo plate 7.  Why? Because a light bulb went off when I saw this idea in my head!


HAHAHA! Get it? A light bulb went off?

Yeah, that's my humor talking!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?