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Monday, November 3, 2014

CbL Tank Tops and Flip Flops, Woman from Tokyo, TDWP Mostly Ghostly and a TON of tape

So yeah, I got my iphone 6plus.  Damn is it huge! In a good way.  I love it, although I do feel funny when I'm talking on the phone.  Plus, no more one handed texting etc as my hands are so small, I can't reach the far left buttons.  I haven't played with the camera too much yet.  If I didn't already have my ipad air, I gotta tell you, you wouldn't need one with this 6 plus. I've ordered a different case as the one I did get I don't think will protect it when I drop it.  Notice I said when.  Yeah I have dropped my iphones many times in the past!  Never broken one though.  I rely on the brand Case Crown.  I really like their cases. Sleek, not too intrusive but protects well.

The one I have now is not a Case Crown.  That's what I get for trying something different.

Next weekend, I'll be spending it teaching my parents how to use their new iphones. Hopefully it won't be too painful.  HAHAHA.  You know I love you mom and dad!

So latest work sh*t?  Apparently, my coworker's personal phone was ringing and ringing and she wasn't there to answer it.  So what did stupid do? She took her phone carried it to the clinic where my coworker was working and hid it under a bunch of papers and left a note.  WTF? Seriously? If someone even breathes funny on my phone I'm all up in your face.  But to take someone's personal phone (mine has my life in it, I've no land line anymore) and go hide it under some papers where anyone could have stolen it is NOT ok.

Don't you agree??  I mean really? You think that's ok to do? How would you like it if someone did that to your phone? WOW. I was shocked that stupid really IS that stupid. My coworker was livid as she had every right to be.  I told her she had better say something to stupid.  She waited until she had calmed down because she wanted to be in control.  Uh huh, not me mister.  I'd have gotten right in her face and went the hell off.

But that's just me.

So my coworker told me that she calmly told stupid that this is not acceptable behavior and in the future if her phone is bothering her that much, to say something to me about it, or hand me my phone and not just leave it hidden under a pile of papers in an open clinic.  I gotta to hand it to her, the calm threat was probably much more scary than my blow up would have been.  Kudos to my coworker.

All right, enough of that.  Here's your silly bottle shot.

Oh yeah. This is The Devil Wears Polish Mostly Ghostly, Colors by Llarowe Tank Tops and Flip Flops and Woman from Tokyo.

I started with skittles of the lighter two.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous are these two??????  Next I placed NINE pieces of tape per nail and did this.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes this took forever to do.  Forever!  But how cool are these results? I need to do more of these tape manis!  This when viral on my instagram.  I must have gotten featured somewhere as my numbers went up over a hundred followers.  Not too shabby!

I'm also getting all sorts of compliments on my nails.  HEHEHE.  If only they read my blog, they'd know my secret!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?