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Friday, November 7, 2014

Shades of Grey and tape

So I finally watched my copy of Paranormal Activity part 5-The Marked Ones yesterday.
Can I just say, not good. Not scary, just ok.  Worth watching if you dig the series, but didn't scare me like I desperately wanted my mommy scared, like I was hoping for.  Parts 1 & 4 did that for me.  I'm not going to discuss the ending here-but for those who DID watch it-WTF with the ending?????  Is this meant to be a prequel?  We need to discuss. Contact me ASAP.

So the neighbors had their party last night.  You know, the one I was warned about?
Well, I checked several times throughout the night. I couldn't really see any cars there-I wonder if people didn't show up? But there was a fire.  They had built it right in front of their garage.  Stupid as hell if you ask me. The wind has been a beeyotch the last two days.  No way in hell would I light a big fire right in front of my house.  DUH.

I didn't hear anything, but I wasn't expecting to as my humidifier blocks out all noise but for it's own. That's why I have it!

The time change happened last night as well.  So my normal wakeup time, feed the cats would have been at 4AM.  Believe me, my cats tried hard to get me up at that time, but I was not going to do it. They are all mad at me this morning for making them wait an hour for their breakfast.

But I think they'll live. HEHEHE.

Now today's mani is a very cool one.  I must admit to myself.  I rather think I rocked it out personally.  I hope you agree.

Here's your silly bottle shot.

Damn that's a lot of polish.  And damn there's not a holo in sight.  This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy, Mavala Metallic Grey, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, OPI Alpine Snow and Orly Liquid Vinyl.

I started with OPI and Mavala.


Check out this grey Mavala.  Shimmery gorgeousness. Anyone out there who can get me a back up?????

Next I did a ton of tape and added a surprise.  Here are the very cool results.


So?????  What do you think?  I happen to LOVE this.  The red is a hit of my Louboutin Rouge.  Took forever to do.  But oh so cool, don't you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?