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Monday, October 10, 2011

You're gonna think I'm hopeless-

For some reason, picking colors for today was really hard.  I try to rotate colors so I don't do two blues in a row or the same design.  As I stared at my polish collection, nothing really jumped out at me and screamed wear me!  I realized I'd only shown one Nubar before and that was the green holo Reclaim.  I decided to do another Nubar, Forest.

In an attempt to be hip and edgy, I wanted to pick a color that would go well with this Forest.  I had just gotten in Julep Olivia and thought they'd be awesome together.  Of course I forgot that this would make my third green and brown mani.  I'm not complaining-I love the two, but I don't want you guys to think I'm  a rerun!  I know I live a sheltered no pink or glitter life and I hope you aren't getting bored with me and my funky frenches.

I do have to admit, I finally saw a glitter that I am DYING to try.  It's Lynnderella's Connect the Dots. OMG! Someone please send this to me and break me out of my creme rut!!

Anyhoo-here is the requisite silly bottle shot once again.

Nubar Forest is just that-a lovely forest green creme. I think it's stunning.  It went on smoothly, could have gotten away with one coat and is just nice to work with.  I must say, I'm getting to where I hardly need any cleanup anymore!  Here are your indoor and outdoor shots.




How pretty is this green!! So pretty!  Julep Olivia is supposed to be a brown with some shimmer.  I must say, it looks a lot lighter in the bottle and I can't find the shimmer.  After I stamped with plate BM20 and funky frenched, it looked just like all my other blackened browns.  I was kind of bummed.  I had thought this was going to be a different brown for me. But it wasn't.  Am I done discovering new browns? How sad would that be!

These were all taken outdoors.  The indoor ones were so dark, you couldn't see any of the design.  For me, green and brown will always make me happy.  I love these two colors together.  And check out that shine!

After 2 days of wear, I got bored and added a layer of CND Jade Sparkle.  Here's what happened.

The question is-am I a hopeless polish cause?  Tell me you'll still love my designs even if I'm not a fabulous nail artist!  Even with the reruns?