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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Layering gone bad-

All over the blogosphere, there are jelly sandwiches, glitter fests, and layering experiments.  As you know, I am not a glitter fan-but I recently won a giveaway that featured the Wet N Wild On the Prowl collection.  I promised that I would at least try out these glitters.

I decided to go with a red theme today.  I wanted to test out Zoya Norra with Tangled in my Web.  I should have stopped there-

First up, the silly bottle shot.  I hope you appreciate these because it's getting harder and harder to come up with new ones!

As you can see, there are 4 bottles there and I only mentioned two.  Read on.

Norra is a beautiful burgundy red with hidden shimmer that comes out in the sun.  It's absolutely stunning to look at.  Here she is in all her glory.



Isn't that blue sky incredible?  I could not stop staring at it!  Yes, Norra is a beauty.  I should have stopped there-alas I did not.  I then used WnW Tangled in my Web which besides being my first glitter, is a clear base with black glitter.  When I tried to put it on, the glitter clumped all in one place so I had to fiddle with it to get it spread around evenly.  Yes, I should have stopped there-are you sensing a theme yet?

I then decided to add my funky french with WnW Buy me a Drink, a merlot shimmer.  Stupid me did not take pictures of this step and yes I should have stopped there.

I topped it all off with my homemade holo topcoat, which I still have not perfected.  The end result?  A thick goopy mess with pock marks where the glitter is. At some point, I hit my pointer finger and left a crater. I debated whether to even show you this catastrophe. It seemed unfair to Norra who had done no wrong.

In the sun, this debacle is not so awful-but in the shade? Oh the horror! Warning-these pictures may blind you and scar you for life.



Oh the horror

You can't even see the glitter or the funky french because my holo topcoat is too thick with spectraflair. I must say that this experiment gone bad is not making me love glitter at all.  The formula was too hard to get the glitter spread evenly, and I didn't like the bumpy surface the glitter left behind.  After seeing this in the shade I immediately took it off.  Do you blame me?

I do love the red that is Norra.  I will need to wear that one again and add a pretty stamp to compliment it's beauty.  That will be for another day.

Tell me-what was your experiment gone bad?