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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Camera-why do you hate me?

I have finally found THE perfect purple.  I thought it was Essie Sexy Divide, until I saw a purple so freakin beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

Really?!? Did you fall for that crap? There were no tears, but I did rush out and order it when Zoya had their recent BOGO sale!

The downside to this story?  My camera is a piece of crap that turns all purples blue.  So I need you to take the time and click here and visit All Lacquered Up and see what this purple Pinta is supposed to look like. But make sure you come back.

I'll wait................

Oh, you're back?  Awesome!  Am I not telling the truth about this purple?  If you didn't click the link-shame on you.  You will be missing out.  The perfect purple is Zoya Pinta.  It is a sublime blurple creme and I am in love.  Seriously. In. Love.

My bottle shot will scare the h*ll out of you-these colors are NOT blue!  They are Zoya Pinta and Zoya Caitlin.

Like I said, these are purple, not blue.  Can anyone help me get my lame camera to show purple? I don't have any fancy photo shop stuff so that won't help me.  Anyhoo, here are your indoor and outdoor shots.




It really is a perfect purple when you aren't looking through my camera lens!  I then did my usual stamping with Caitlin and plate M64, then my funky french.  I think this came out really awesome.  I'm kind of proud of this one.


The indoor pictures were just too dark to see how awesome the stamp design on this is, so I didn't add them here.  I am loving this mani a lot!  But as we polish addicts know, boredom comes swiftly.  So after two days, I added a layer of CND effect Lavender Pearl.  The bummer is, I had no sun to show you the pearl effect to its fullest.  But I have no control over that!

Sorry you can't see this purple in all its glory.  I really hope you clicked that link and checked out just how pretty this purple is.

I also want to say, that I appreciate all the comments so far on my giveaway.  I realize that I am not very versed in different designs that involve free hand.  I am just not that talented and really have no desire to spend that much time on one mani.  I am just happy doing what I'm doing, and hope that there are people out there who appreciate it.

Tell me, what is your favorite purple?  I am trying to bulk up my purples!