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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I got my lemming but life stole my joy-

The day I got back from vacation, I spent two hours cleaning my house.  Vacuuming, dusting, the works.  When I went to check to see if my clothes were dry, I realized my dryer was cold and my clothes wet.  WTF? Damn thing died on me. Lost its heating element-after 15 years, I expected better! Then I noticed my dishwasher leaking like a b*tch all over my hardwood floors.  Really? Is this really my life right now?

After those two hours of cleaning, I spent the next 5 hours researching and driving to Sears to buy three major appliances.  Like this is really what I want to be doing on my last day of vacation right? I picked out a washer, dryer and dishwasher for more money than I care to spend and the kicker? They can't deliver until October 1.  What am I supposed to dry my clothes with until then? I've been doing old school, and hanging them over the railing of my back deck, redneck style.  I did some towels, but man I hate that crunchy, you didn't dry these in a dryer feeling!  Luckily, my neighbor is nice enough to let me use hers.

As you all know, sometimes I digress and stray from the topic at hand, which is nail polish.  Well deal with it, or go read a happy, pretty blog!  This is me, and unfortunately, this is my life.

The only saving grace to all this was, I finally got my lemming that I have been craving for oh so long.  I have seen it on many blogs, but it only comes from Australia.  I was almost to the point of paying for all that shipping, when I found a USA dealer and contacted them. You can get them at shop.llarowe.com
What could my lemming be you ask?

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly!! Here is my silly bottle shot.  You can see, LB loves the 80s cassette tapes.

Are you excited yet? I definitely am!  This is a blackened green holo and I have been wanting it for a long time.  Most holos I see are the light ones, I was craving a dark one and this is it!  Now these pictures do not do it justice.  Plus I think the top coat robbed it of some of its rainbows.  Next time, I'll do without.

These pictures really aren't showing this in all its glory. Because of the appliance crapola, I wasn't in the mood to even do my nails.  But I can't go naked-isn't that against the nail polish mania rule?  Plus, I didn't do any nail art.  I thought about lots of things to do-but Lizard Belly is so pretty on its own, that I just wanted to enjoy it alone.

Hopefully, my life won't suck like this for awhile.  I'd really like to get my excitement back over pretty polish.  It's sad that I couldn't enjoy this holo to its full potential.

Next time-