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Friday, September 9, 2011

Gone Fishing-Nfu Oh 65

Today I have been fishing for 5 days now and loving every minute of it.  I will have scales in my hair, worm and fish guts under my nails and generally smell like fish.  Oh man does it make me happy!  Wish I could do this more than once a year!

I have for you another Nfu Oh holo-65.  This is a bright blue holo.  Once again, the bottle shot.

Thought I'd share where I am before we get to the polish. Here is our camp.  It is rustic, no running water, no heat etc. I heat the place with a wood stove, and we bathe with boiled lake water.  Yes as I told you before, it is my mountain man time. Trust me, I have been coming here since I was born.  It is the one place in this world that makes me beyond happy.  Every one should have a place like that.  For my Canadians, it is in Ontario outside of Kingston, off 401 near Perth on Upper Rideau Lake, in United counties of Leeds and Grenville. There is a little town called Westport across the lake that I love to visit.

Our camp

View from camp

View from dock
The view from camp (2nd pic) is my screensaver on all my electronics.  It soothes me and makes me think of being there.  Now on to the 65.  Here again are indoor and outdoor shots.





Once again, the formula on this sucks bad.  But oh the results are so worth it.  These are without base and top coat as well.  Top coats tend to dampen the rainbow effect on holos.  I would advise against it.  Are you guys wishing you could be eating my fish for dinner? Don't worry, I'll take pictures of what I catch for you.  Plus maybe one of me fishing.  Hope you are enjoying my vacation pics!