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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm pretty as a Peacock

Before we get to the business at hand, I wanted to direct your attention to my blog address.  I'm a DOT COM! Please update your browsers, but you should be redirected from my old blogspot address.  Ain't I the Sh*t? At least in my own mind right?  I would also like to thank all my readers and followers for leaving such awesome comments, letting me know you care.  It really means a lot to me.

Ok, enough with the mushy sentimental crap.  Maybe you could tell by my title, lame as it is, that I would be featuring Joe Fresh Peacock today.  If you couldn't tell, well now you know.  I also will be showing you a little soupcon of Julep Amy.  That's French-look it up!

Here is today's silly bottle shot amongst my Christmas lights.  Yes I keep them up year round.  Why not?

Oh how I love Christmas lights!!  Anyway, this Peacock is a shimmery blue green loveliness.  I think it's divine.   Here are the indoor and outdoor shots.




How awesome is this color? And look how nice my smile lines are-almost perfect.  I'm getting better the more I polish my nails.  So I then took Amy and plate M63 and stamped and funky frenched til the cows came home.  Yes I'm in a rare mood today. It's the DOT COM.

These were both taken outdoors.  Now I didn't show you the indoor pictures because I then added CND Ice Blue Shimmer to the mix and I didn't want to put you in picture overload.

This shimmer actually lightened up the blue of the Peacock and added a little more pizzazz to the already awesome mani.  I think I actually liked the Peacock before the Ice Blue was added.  But it's still a really nice look.

So what do you guys think? Better before or after?