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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strictly by Request-

You may remember a post I did recently where the design and colors I chose may not have been the best choice.  I inadvertently created a green ladybug. If you have no idea what I'm talking about-where the hell have you been?  Check out the post titled, 'Have you ever seen a green ladybug?' Pretty much tells the tale don't it?

You guys were all very cool and told me you liked my ladybug.  One person in particular was either really in love or just messing with me.  I decided to call her bluff and dedicate this post just for her.  The request you ask?  To make more ladybugs in different colors. Her specific request was-"you need to do a rainbow of ladybugs, me thinks."  Bet you never thought your words would come back to haunt now did you?!?

I will torture you no longer!  My ladybug fan is none other than KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish.  Karen is known for capturing great displays in various drugstores showing the latest and greatest collections.  She is quite OCD like I am, and actually straightens up the displays to make for prettier pictures.  I just love her blog and so this one's for you, KarenD!

Now I have no idea what a Frazzle is or an Aniploish.  I keep meaning to ask her-but after I write my comments on her blog, I have run out of room to ask! Maybe she will enlighten me.  I also want to add my dedication to doing this post.  I had all my ladybug nails done when my appliances came (YAY!) and ruined them helping bring them in.  I had to start all over-

Without further adieu-the silly bottle shot.

After I chose these colors, I realized I didn't do any purples which is Karen's fave, nor did I do red.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 they say.

From left to right we have Ocean, Aqua, Mojito and Trees, all from Bettina.   The Aqua has more green in it then my camera is showing.  These colors are awesome.  The Trees was a little runny and needed extra layers so as to not have VNL, but pretty none the less.  Here are the pre stamp shots.




These colors are out of my norm. They are a lot lighter than I normally wear.  I thought they'd be fun to stamp with but for this post, I'm going all out! I then used Glitter Gal Black Holo and plate M79 as before and of course, my signature funky french and voila.  A rainbow of ladybugs.


I then added a layer of my homemade holo topcoat-that still needs work.  I took these pictures while the appliance guys were in my driveway and they were looking at me funny wondering why I was taking pictures of my nails!


I hope you have enjoyed this ladybug-fest compliments of KarenD! Please make sure you check out her blog because it is awesome.

And Karen-I know you were probably just messing with me about the different color ladybugs but I have a sarcastic humor and thought I'd get you back!

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