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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bettina Green, Chaos and Crocodiles My Favorite Color Is Unicorn

So my back hurts should be in Hawaii by now.  I have no idea whether the boss talked to her as she told me she would before she left.  Am thinking not as my back hurts most likely would have come back to the office crying and having another freak out.

Tomorrow starts the two weeks of hell for me and my coworker as we try to do our own job plus cover hers while she's gone.

Let me just start by saying that while we each do our jobs a little differently, there are many things that are the same.  So when my back hurts sent us an EIGHT page document detailing the duties she expected us to follow, I was taken aback.

I was also pissed and offended.

Let me give you some examples so you will understand.  We all have doctor conferences we run.  We type up summaries of the patient's chart and make several copies stapled together. So when my back hurts wrote in this document HOW to make copies and where to put the staples? I mean WTF? Do you think we are truly that stupid?

Another example is telling us WHERE the conference takes place. Um duh, we all use the same conference room. How about stating where to place the copies in the conference room. I mean eight pages of stupid sh*t like this that did not need saying.  She didn't say anything to me about this so I didn't bring it up.

All I know is her practice is getting the bare mininum and that's how it's gonna be.

The other issue is she will not be taking care of her back while on vacation so is she going to come back part time like she's been doing the past three weeks? That was only supposed to last two weeks and it seems to just keep going and going.  Her new partner will be starting when she gets back and I'm betting the new girl won't last very long.  I'm going to start a pool.

Mark my words.  My back hurts refuses to change how she does things even though they are stupid and unnecessary.  The new girl is not going to want to just be someone who is told what to do and to do it like she's been doing it for the past thirteen years.  Yes it has been that long.

My boss wants me to have lunch with the new girl telling her how I run my stuff, but it won't make a damn bit of difference as my back hurts won't allow anything new.  It's really quite sad.

Oh and Ms Princess cried three times on Friday.  I've no idea why whatsoever.  She just said thank you for being my friend and we'll talk later.

Yeah ok.

Here we have Bettina Green.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Gorgeous as all get out, but maybe I could make it a bit better?

Here it is with Unicorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ahhhhhh.  Now this is my type of color.  I am in love with this combo big time!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nails Inc Savoy Hill, Chaos and Crocodiles My Favorite Color Is Unicorn

It's finally happened! Blogger has finally fixed the reading list area.  Before if you tried to remove a blog, the list wouldn't even load.  This has been broken since the day I signed up for this website in 2011.  I had to fix an error on my last post and I was at work so I went to that area just for sh*ts and grins and I was shocked that it actually loaded and let me unfollow blogs.

I was listed as following like 500 blogs.  An insane amount that no one can keep up with.  Plus, a huge majority of these blogs have quit blogging.  People think it's easy.  Nope.  It takes a lot of time and effort to keep this site up.  I went through and unfollowed a majority of them. I now follow about fifteen and a couple of those aren't blogging but I hope they come back. (Hint Chloe's Nails!)

Two weeks from the day I'm writing this, I will officially be in Canada fishing. I wait all year for this and it always goes by so fast.  I am off for twelve days straight but will only be gone seven days as my mom is going on an Alaskan cruise and I'm worried about leaving my cats for longer than that as they've been sick.

I am continuing on my Cypress Hill kick.  Just watched some videos and chats with B Real. Love me some B Real!

Oh and has this ever happened to you? I literally went into Target after work Friday ONLY to buy sugar as I have six hungry hummingbirds and I was almost out.  I walked by the women's section and saw my tank top shirts that I like to sleep in on CLEARANCE.

Ever since I started using the acne.org regimen the benzoyl peroxide has bleached all my sleep shirts. So yeah, I took it as a sign and bought nine of them.  When I went to check out, the cashier was brand new told me it was her first day on the register.  When she was ringing up my shirts, two rang up not on the clearance price.

She called another worker over and he showed her how to fix  the price.  What she didn't realize was that she only rang up eight shirts and I had bought nine.

Do you think I pointed that out to her? Hell no.  I figure that Target can afford to give me a free $6 shirt.  And no my conscious does not bother me whatsoever.  So instead of buying sugar, I walked out with nine new shirts and $50 poorer.

Oh but I needed them bad, so it's all good.  What I didn't realize was they are 39% modal.  I've had issues with those breaking down with washing, but so far, they are soft as all get out.

Today we have another Nails Inc polish. Savoy Hill.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Such a gorgeous orangey red creme.  I decided it needed to be holo-fied.  I added a layer of Unicorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I did a very light layer as these types of top coats tend to change the base color.  I didn't want that. Isn't this much better? I certainly think so!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Nails Inc St John's Wood, Nine Zero Twinkle Lights

It has been so incredibly hot here that I have not been able to mow my yard at all.  It's way overgrown and it's going to take several passes to get it back to where it should be. I'm hoping that the temperature will drop and I can get out there as it doesn't look all that nice.

Checkers is doing better with her bladder infection. Sam is another story.  I had started giving him so much laxative to make him poop that I didn't see that it was making him sick.  I was up to 7cc of Lactulose a day and he still wasn't pooping. What he was doing was puking and acting sad and staying to himself.

I did some google searches and came across a website dedicated to all things cat constipation. It made me realize that no amount of laxative will work if there isn't enough water in the body to help things along. Being a nurse, this made sense to me.  There was also a section on how to massage the colon to help the poop come out.

Yeah, I went there.

So instead of the laxative the past few days, I've been forcing water down him and massaging his colon. You would think it was a new cat. He perked up, he talked to the birds that he hasn't done in months. He's eating good as he had lost another pound and he's pooped. I realized that I was trying to force him to poop daily and who am I to say that's his norm? It's not Checkers norm at all and I don't go nuts over her.

I'm going to continue with the water feeding as Sam has never been a good water drinker and see how he does.  The research said cats need 5-10oz of water a day.  The first day I got 1oz in him-we are talking 6ccs at a time.  Which to put it in perspective is six times a day to reach the 1oz.  Yeah not fun to get Sam in a half nelson hold to syringe force water down him.  Today I'm trying to use a larger syringe to see if that's better.

I'm just trying to get them to a place where I feel good about leaving them alone for my fishing trip.

Here's a funny that happened where I live.  There's this commercial for this bail bondsman who's motto was "because you're needed at home." Not sure about that, crooks may be better kept in jail, but who am I to judge?

So I'm reading the newspaper-yes I still actually read the paper-and there's the same bail bondsman, but this time, he's the one who's been arrested! Why??? Because he was propositioning sex in lieu of paying the bail money.  I burst out laughing it was so absurd to me!

Anywho, remember when I told you that Nails Inc commented on my NexGen post? I said I should pull out a few and wear them again.  Here's the first one, St John's Wood.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yup, here are my new gel nubs.  And you can see here, that cremes show all my gel mistakes. I should have glued tips on.  Maybe next time.  Anywho, this is a stunning color right????

Here's what happened when I added Nine Zero Twinkle Lights.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now this covers up all those mistakes in my gel!  Oh how I love this glitter! I swear to you this is my favorite thing ever!  I need a back up bottle big time!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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