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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Enchanted Polish Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Yes people, I have actually polished my nails.  The issue is, either I've forgotten how to take a damn picture with my camera or my camera is being a b*tch.  I could not get a good picture if my life depended on it.  I did get a halfway decent one using my iphone, so that's what I will use for today's post.

It seems I am flip flopping on whether to keep going with this blog or not.  Who the f*ck knows. If there's a post, rejoice, if not, maybe one is coming!

I did mention I have several EPs I haven't even worn yet so since the sun was out, I polished for the first time since May 1st.  My nails have been growing out the gel dip damage and I've finally stopped chewing the skin around my nails for the moment that I can actually show off my hands.

Issue is, my nails are all different lengths and shapes. For now, I'm just letting them be.  So no negative comments about the sh*t storm that are my nails at the moment.

Since I wanted to show you something else in this post, let's look at this new EP now.

Indoor Sun

I'm going to see if I can add the quick vid I took showing off the holo happiness of this polish.  Not the strongest in the polish world, but it shows you just why I love holos so much.  Now IRL, this polish is more purple than shown here.  I'm just happy I even polished! Sad that I have to take it right off though.........................let me know if you can see the vid or not.  It's my first time adding one.

Now, I've told you that I'm still a makeup junkie right? I actually found a rainbow highlight.  No it's not holo, but it's a rainbow on my face.  Yes you have to work really hard to get it to show just right. This is the only picture I have that shows it off very well.

Oh and warning, it's my face!

See the rainbow on the top of my cheekbone? There's also a bit in my inner eye as well.  It made my day when I caught this picture!

Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing my face with different makeup on schizz.

I'm off to watch the episodes of The Mist by Stephen King that I've missed.  And Spike it's not a novel, it's a novella.  Please correct that.  Drives me nuts.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Enchanted Polish June 2014

This is the last of the polish pics I had saved from before the ban.  I'm not sure how many posts I'm going to continue with.  Is anyone out there still reading these? I did get a couple of comments so thank you to those who did! My NexGen gel dip review is still my most popular post.  I still get at least 500 hits a day just to that post.  If you google NexGen, my blog pops up.

Which I guess is a cool thing, but people aren't staying to read other stuff, just that one post.  I also think I may be getting too lazy to keep up with this blog.  As much as I love it, it's s sh*t ton of work. People who don't blog have no idea just how much work it takes.

Have you heard that Kesha is coming out with a new album in August?  Yes I have already preordered.  I have listened to her single Praying that has been released.  I have only heard it once and my first impression is meh. I love the TikTok Ke$ha, not this cleaned up, totally obvious what the lyrics are about Kesha.  I so hope the rest of the CD is like the music we've known and loved.

I get she's been through a lot, but dayum people stop changing your sound.

It's like Lady Gaga.  Her first album is so different than her most recent one.  It's like she's gone from backdoor European club sounds to Country and I'm not about that.  I want Gaga to go back to her Bad Romance sound. That's my favorite from her so far.

I started reading the book, Thirteen Reasons Why.  I didn't realize it's a 'young adult' book. I figure it's going to wrap up with a nice cliche ending for all the tweens and teens that are reading it.  So far, it's not bad.  I don't always read popular books as I have specific taste in what I read.

If someone ain't murdered by page ten, I'm not interested! LOL.

I also had to change my ringtone back to Monty Python.  Every time my mom would call me, the damn Eminem ringtone would literally make me jump out of my skin.  It's just a jarring ringtone. But yes I'm still listening to it on repeat.

It's been hot as hell here.  They're calling for 99F by Wednesday.  Too bad I have to be out in it.  My car inspection is overdue.  Those who pay attention know that I do this every single year. I just can't get it done on time.  I just can't.

All right. Here is the old and still awesome EP June 2014.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yeah, I miss my nails.............

Isn't this a gorgeous color? So many colors to be had in one polish.  They just don't make them like this anymore.  LOL! I wouldn't know as I don't pay attention to new polish releases anymore since I can't wear it I don't buy it.

So sad.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Army of One

So much to update you on, I don't know where to start.

I've decided to share my Crohn's disease story and struggles on my Instagram account.  Since I've scared off all the nail polish people, I'm looking to help others and maybe find some who are like me, so I can talk to them.

Back when I was diagnosed, I told myself I would take care of others with this disease but I really haven't. Instead, I've mostly hidden it from the world, pretending all is well.  Reality is, it's not.  I've been through a lot so far in my life-I've talked about it here.

I became a nurse because I had had so much practice as a patient.  I thought I would work on a floor that catered to people with Crohn's disease.  But there really isn't such a thing. So instead, I take care of others, and haven't really talked about what is going on with my illness.

I plan on doing some of that here.  I understand if that's something you don't want to see, but with the nail polish ban, I still want this blog to be active.  I am a work in progress.  My Instagram account has makeup looks, cat pics and Crohn's stuff.  So it's a mish mash.

I'm ok with that.

Now as far as work is concerned, there really hasn't been any huge stories.  They are still interviewing for another navigator.  They finally realized that we should actually interview the candidates since we have to work with them.

Duh right?

One of the ones I was a part of, I was like hell yeah, hire this chick. And they did.

Then I actually had to listen to her talking to patients on the phone and I was thinking to myself, damn, that was the wrong thing to be gung ho about!

Her voice is so nails on a chalkboard and she is too into the patient's life as in why are you taking that medicine and other minutiae which has nothing to do with cancer.  She spent so long on the phone the other day that I was wanting ear plugs!  It was just awful and since I said to hire her, I have to live with that decision!

Oh and Ms Princess is at it again! Remember she's the one who will look you in the eye, lie to your face and then stab you in the back.

She apparently thought that one of the coworkers hated her.  In reality she does.  HEHEHE. Anywho, Ms Princess did her manipulative crying as she does boohooing asking why she is hated. It is so her MO that I was dying laughing.  That's what she does. She cries at the drop of a hat.  It's hilarious. And she's in her low 60s! I mean when does one become a grown up??????

All right. Today we have a gorgeous green holo.  CbL Army of One.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Such a lovely minty light green.  I love these types of colors!!!!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

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