Sunday, August 31, 2014

Enchanted Polish Britney Spearmint and April 2014

So remember how I bought a beautiful betta, then bought him a bigger, fancier house? Well apparently, these fish are much more work than I first expected.  I thought that having a filtration system and a 3.5 gallon tank, I wouldn't have to do water changes but every month.  Wrong.  I thought I was feeding the right amount of 2 pellets twice a day. Wrong.  I'm starving the damn thing.  Also because of these two things and perhaps my plastic plants, my betta's pretty tail is now a mangled mess.

I did a bunch of research online yesterday and it seems my fish is possibly eating his tail due to the lack of food and clean water.  It wasn't too bad the other day when I first noticed it. I immediately did a 100% water change.  I turned off the filter and took out the plants.  I fed him 4 pellets and fish treats.  The next day, with the filter off, he did make me bubbles, which he hasn't done and I think the filter is keeping the bubbles from sticking.  Just now I realized that now his gorgeous flowing tail has a split down the middle and his top fin, which he can't possibly reach to eat is all torn up.

I must be the worst betta mom ever.  I took a gorgeous fish and made him all sorts of ragged. I took out the plastic plants, ordered some silk ones, I ordered a floaty leaf thing and a floaty mirror thing for interaction stuff.  I feel so bad.  I hope it isn't hurting him.  I don't think his tail is getting caught in the filter, I think it's the plants.  The upside is that the tail will grow back, just may not be so pretty.

I take Checkers back to the vet in about an hour so they can check her bladder and make sure the stone is going away.  Cross your fingers as I need my vacation to go as planned.

Today's mani was all my idea.  Just saying.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

Now this first holo is a gorgeous Forest Green made just for me by Cathy at More Nail Polish.  She called it "He Said What?" based on my blog stories of my online dating saga.  No this isn't in stores, it's only at my house.  Next is Enchanted Polish Britney Spearmint and April 2014 and Elevation Polish Antelao.

I started with the EPs.


How gorgeous are these????  Next I took paint and the other two polish named above and did this.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I so need to wear this Antelao and this made for me Green holo all by themselves. I am betting they will be amazing.

Alright, I have to go to the vet now. Cross your fingers Checkers is ok.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Enchanted Polish Afternoon Delight and December 2013

If you're an EP fan, you will know what these two colors are and if you read this blog with any regularity, you will also know these are in my favorite color group.  BROWN.  It's been so long and I needed a brown fix.

Have you all seen the new Nail It magazine that shows regular bloggers in their pages? I have a subscription and I always love to see who I 'know' in the blogger section.  Well, their next theme is striping tape.  Now I think I sort of rock the tape at times, so I entered 12 of my tape manis to see if I can get published in their magazine.  I don't think they let you know ahead of time, but I don't know for sure.  What I do know is it would be very cool to see my nails in a magazine!  I would frame that sucker for all posterity.

It doesn't appear until the January issue, so it's a few months away before I even know if I'm lucky enough. I'm not sure if I'm good enough, but it can't hurt to try.  I may keep on trying until they know my name! HAHA!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Another good thing happened lately for me.  I was contacted by Barielle and asked to be one of their official bloggers.  How cool is that?  I've never really been a blogger who does swatches, nor asked companies to send me free stuff.  But the way the email was worded was so nice, I thought why not?  So they are sending me a bunch of stuff to review and then as their new collections come out, I will be reviewing them for you.

Now I know Barielle isn't one of the bigger known companies, but I think I can do their products some decent justice.  I'm looking forward to trying their nail care stuff.  It'll appear after I get back from vacation.

Now onto what I think is another winner of a mani.  Although, once again, not my idea.  I swear the next one I do will be solely from my head.  This one is more a total reproduction, as I used the same color scheme.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Zoya Livingston, Enchanted Polish Afternoon Delight and December 2013.

I started with the two EPs.


So gorgeous!  Next I used the mani by Lynieczka and did this.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I am pretty damn proud of how this one came out.  If you looked up Lynieczka's, you would see it's pretty damn similar!  WOOHOO!  I'm a getting good at the flowers!

Are you excited about both my good news stories?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

OPI You're Such A Budapest and More Flowers

As I sit here writing this, I am in the throes of my third day with a bad migraine.  It seems this one likes me so much that it doesn't want to leave me alone. I've had to leave work the past two Thursdays because I was in too much pain to do my job.  I inherited them from my mom, who used to have horrible ones as well. Apparently, as she got older, they went away.  As if she outgrew them or something.  So maybe one day, I will be free of them.  If you've never had one, you're lucky, but also, you've no idea just how bad it hurts.  I hate how people say, oh yeah, I've got a headache too.  No people, this is NOT just a headache.  There's nausea and sensitivity to light, sound, smells, it hurts to see.  It hurts to move your head.  There is so much more to it than just a headache.

I do take medicine at night that supposedly keeps them away, but lately it hasn't been helping at all.  I am going to start keeping a log of when and how long as I may need to see my MD to do something different.  I am allowed to increase my nightly medicine, but when I have in the past, I would wake up all sorts of groggy and drunk.  That's no way to start the day.  I am loathe to spend my days like that, but if this keeps up, I won't have a choice.

Maybe my vacation in exactly one week from today (from the day I'm writing not posting), will help.  I've told you all how stressed I've been at work.  I hinted at the latest, where the one nurse is on vacation and the other who does nothing now actually has to do something?  Yeah. She spent yesterday complaining of how much work she's expected to do.  A third coworker kept passing me notes, like we are in grade school about it, plus pulling me out of the office into the hall to b*tch about her to me.

I don't want to hear it! I don't want your stupid notes, and you complain that you have too much work to do? Then why are you wasting MY time b*tching about another, when you could be doing your own work. I almost said that to her yesterday.  I don't care what the others do, it has nothing to do with me and my clinics.  I'm there to do my thing and go home.

Hurry up vacation!!!!!!

Now, last post I was all triumphant and proud of my flowers.  Today, not so much.  It's not a total fail, but more a needs work type thing.  We can't all be perfect on our first try now can we????

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is OPI You're Such A Budapest and Bettina Go Green.

I started with a full mani of Pest.  Can you believe that??????

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Look, it even shows it as purple!  WOOHOO!

Now I was inspired by another Instagrammer who does amazing florals. Her account is Lynieczka.  You should really go check out her amazing flowers.  I have a couple of others of hers I plan on trying this weekend.

I used mostly acrylic paint and the Bettina.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This OPI is NOT blue as I showed you above! Damn camera!  Now from a distance, this doesn't look too bad, but it does need some work.  I can see where I can improve on this one!

How has your week been?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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