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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Barielle Pretty Woman, Enchanted Polish To Die For

So I've been wearing my new eye makeup looks to work finished off with my false lashes.  Now the thing is, I wear glasses. Bifocals as it were since I'm freakin old.  The young things on You Tube don't have that problem when they wear the lashes that hit their eyebrows.  Yeah I tried that.

The first time I don't think I had them centered correctly so when I blinked hard, I could feel the band in the corner of my eye.  The first time I wore them to work, I was still sick and no one noticed. The second time I wore them though, I got all sorts of compliments.  How awesome your lashes look and do you find it hard to apply them and I really love your new eye makeup. That sort of thing.  Sort of pumped me up, you know?

The next day, I was in a hurry as I had to school a car that was trying to park in my parking spot at work.  Oh yeah.  I have had the same parking spot for years now.  I've been at this hospital now for eleven years so far and yeah, that's my parking spot and don't you dare park in it.

The last couple of days, someone has been in my spot.  So I made an extra effort to leave my house early to get to work early to claim my spot back.  Well wouldn't you know that it started pouring and people drive stupid in the rain.  So the extra time I had tried to get was now gone.  I got to the parking deck though and my spot was there.  Seems that car had someone else take their spot, so they took mine.  See how that works?

Yes we are freakin adults.  But think about it.  We all still park in the same spot, sit in the same spot in meetings etc and get all discombobulated when our spot is taken. Why do you think that is?

Part of it for me, is knowing where my car is. Otherwise, I can't find it! Maybe it's just comforting? Back in grade school you were forced to sit in the same spot, why is it that as adults we choose to do so?

Something to ponder people. And I digress. It happens.

So I was in a hurry and maybe didn't glue my lashes as well as I could have.  So the lashes were hitting my lens and just being irritating.  I then finished my day and went to the drugstore to get my medicine.  I looked in the mirror and the part of my lashes that should be attached near the corner of my eyes was halfway up my lids.   HAHAHAHA.  Damn I looked like a hot mess.  I tried to move them back into place, but yeah it was no use.  So I ripped them off and that was really the wrong thing to do as now my eyeliner was missing spots, like a bad dotted line halfway up my eye lid.

Yeah.  Ain't doing that again.  Learn from my mistakes people.

I need to figure out a way to glue them well enough so they can withstand the fluttering against my glasses when I blink.  I do have the demi ones, where the longest part is at the outer edge.  Those seem to work better, but aren't as in your face as the full on hard core long ones.

Hi my name is Fingers, I'm a 47 year old woman trying to be hip for the second time in my life.

Now, today we are looking at another of the Barielle Fall/Winter Mirror Mirror collection.

In case you forgot what they looked like! Today we are doing Pretty Woman.  The gorgeous blue in the middle here.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Once again, if you're careful, this would be a one coater.  I always do two but those looking for cheaper stamping polish? This set is it!

Next for fun, I added Enchanted Polish To Die For, which is a blue hologlitter fest.  Yeah imagine me with a hankering for glitter! I've never worn this polish so I figured today was the day.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now that I can use acetone again, it's not so painful removing glitter like this.  Oh and yes I again photoshopped out the chewed parts.  I'm trying really hard to stop again.  They are almost all healed. I've been oiling and doing the heavy lotion with gloves at night.  Seems to be helping.

Eight days til I'm on vacation!  WOOHOO!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Barielle Feathered Slippers, Enchanted Polish Instant Galaxy

I am finally feeling better from being sick.  I was literally down for eight days straight.  Fever etc and I lost my voice.  I went to work anyway as I need the money and I didn't want to use up my vacation time since in about ten days, it begins!  I was so sick it sucked bad.  Luckily I haven't been sick in quite a while.  I slept so much those eight days it's insane.

So I promised you a new and exciting Stupid story in a few comments people left me on previous posts.  I was running one of my doctor conferences and Stupid was there.  I'm ignoring her as best I can when I noticed something.

You see this conference is first thing in the morning and people have their coffee, etc.  Well Stupid had a water bottle in front of her.  And not just a plain old water bottle mind you.  Stupid had a water bottle with a BEER KOOZIE on it.  In big ole letters, it screamed Michelob. I have attached a link for my international peeps or people who just don't know what a koozie is.

Yeah, let's just pause here for a moment so you can picture this............

WTF??? Does she really not get how unprofessional that is? At your desk in your office, maybe.  But in a conference room full of doctors talking about cancer? Not so much.  Inside my immediate thoughts were of this blog and telling you guys this latest Stupid story.

Oh and the other thing that sort of involves her? Remember how they decided to take away our job title and make them do what I do? Yeah, that hasn't happened.  But it basically got Stupid to quit-which I think is what they wanted.  So I'm told the other day, that they are thinking of having this new hire come to our office to basically replace Stupid's position as the other nurse claims she is drowning in work.

HUH?? First you say we are no longer the title we were, but you're going to put someone in that title role? Makes no sense to me at all.  But I have stayed out of the politics mostly because they have piled so much extra work on me that I can't even take a break.  I'm dead serious.

Now before we see today's polish, I have to tell you that I have reverted back to my bad habit of chewing the skin and cuticles around my nails since they are back to nubs.  It's ugly and scabby etc.  I have photoshopped these out now that I learned how to! In the past, you would have had to see it.  I know part of the issue is that I am still grieving the loss of my dad.  I have no joy in nail polish or the usual things I used to.  I hope one day to get that joy back.  But right now, it's gone.

The good news is it's the FALL nail polish color time! You all know how I love the Fall colors.  You also know that after my holo love comes a good cream love.  Barielle has come out with their Fall/Winter collection for 2015 called Mirror, Mirror and it's all creams! WOOHOO!

Here is a picture of them all together.

This is Silk Stockings, Ribbon and Lace, Pretty Woman, Feathered Slippers and Blushing Beauty.

I started with the gorgeous grey.  Now if you're careful, this could seriously be a one coater.  Which also means you can use it for stamping.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I do love a good grey polish!  Now for fun, I added a layer of Enchanted Polish Instant Galaxy, which is Djinn with holo microglitter added to it.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome is this??? I couldn't capture all the glitters and rainbows in this, but it is there and it is amazing! I love this grey polish and this whole set really.  I can't wait to show you the rest of them!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Purple Eye Look

Today we shall be doing a purple eye look. I have since figured out, that I can only do one eye look at a time.  I prefer my left eye for tutorials as I am right handed and it just comes out better.  Trying to do two looks on the left eye just caused my poor eye to react with tearing and the corner of my eye lid just wouldn't hold onto the color.  So there aren't as many closed lid shots.

So I either do one look a day or one look in each eye.  For the time it takes to set up all the props I showed you last post and the time it takes to weed through 100 pictures-no joke, I'm better off doing two and being done for the day.

When this post actually posts, it will be two weeks until I go on vacation.  I cannot wait! I got a brand new fishing pole I'm dying to try out and a new fish weigh scale so I can't now say with precision just how big a fish I have caught.

I was telling my mom the other day how I hadn't slept well the night before as I was having all sorts of weird dreams.  The one I do remember was of us being at our camp in Canada and I was fishing on the dock when I caught a huge pike.  Now I'm talking in my dream the fish was a big as I am-and I'm 5'4".  It was not a pike in the conventional sense, but what I called it in my dream.  To me, it was more prehistoric.

Anywho, I started screaming for my mom and screaming and screaming.  She and my deceased Gramma came out of the camp and my mom came down to the dock and sort of hugged this huge fish as she got it off the hook and released it back in the water.

Now in reality, we would have kept that fish, filleted it and eaten it as we do now.  And no way would my mom ever hug a huge fish like that! HAHAH.

They always say dreams mean something.  I still have no clue what that one could possibly mean.

Here is the eye look we are going for today.

Now I will admit I did do one piece of photoshopping to this.  I had makeup eye boogers in the corner of my eye from the tearing I told you about.  I never thought to look.  Macro is a demon!

Here is the starting point.

Once again I did the undereye concealer, highlight, lid prime like always.  I started with a light brown in my crease.

I'm still working on my technique and blending.  Watching a ton of YouTube videos to teach myself.
Next I added a bit darker brown to my crease. Oh and I did my brows again with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Auburn.  I tell you guys, it's worth the price.  This stuff is amazing.

Now I added purple to my lid.

Next I added black liner to the top lid and purple liner to the waterline.

I also smudged purple shadow underneath.  It's not as clean a job as I would have liked but my eye was not cooperating at all.  It was a teary mess.

Next I added my false lashes oh and Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter to my brow bone.

Isn't this pretty?? I think I put the lashes on wrong here-they should be standing up more.  My stupid lashes are long, but won't hold a curl any more.  It's annoying!  HAHAH!

I hope you have liked this one! Any suggestions for future posts out there?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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