Saturday, September 20, 2014

Enchanted Polish Dream On, The Devil Wears Polish Browns

It's T minus 2 hours before I try the new to me dip gel mani.  Trust that I will take pictures of the process-if they let me that is, and show you what it's all about.  I can rock the nubs, and I do proudly, but damn do I hate that no matter what I do, my nails are crap. How did I find out about this new technique???  My mom of all people. Yup, the same one who thinks clear is a color, and doesn't quite get my polish addiction has gotten a gel dip french mani and LOVES it!

Stay tuned for that post-oh and don't tell my job as it's illegal.  HEHE.

I'm back to the regular grind.  Day to day existence.  Not as much fun as being on vacation with not a care in the world.  Can a handsome bazillionaire contact me and whisk me away from the doldrums and support me the rest of my days?

If that happened to you, do you think you'd get bored?  If you never had to work again, could do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.  Would you then miss the work schedule and that responsibility from that life?  I think I might.

It's not like I wouldn't want to just never work again, it's that I would miss some parts of my job.  But then again, I could just get on my private jet and fly to Paris just for lunch and that would most likely make me feel better!  HAHA.

What would you do?

I'm continuing on with my new brown holos from the set of 8 I recently got from The Devil Wears Polish.  It was very hard trying to decide which ones to wear first.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

OOPS! Who is that creeping in on my bottle shot?  HAHA! That's my baby Checkers-who is officially 12 and cured of her bladder stone!

This is TDWP White Chocolate Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate Torte with Enchanted Polish Dream On.

I started with skittles.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Swooooooon people!  Look how amazing these are!  I am in love!  Hopefully this will be the last post with the nubs! Cross your fingers!

Next I simply used my nail vinyls and did this.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome is this???  When did Blogger update things again?  I just wrote a post on Sunday, now it's Wednesday and things are different again.  What the hell?

I am LOVING these brown holos, plus this purple EP is gorgeous! I just got 6 new EPs and I can't wait to show them off!

All right, I'm off to get some nails!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hayride, Pumpkin Carving and the Equinox

Quite the mysterious title eh?  Stirs up images of the Fall weather coming doesn't it? Well, I just had to put on sweatpants because it's a glorious chilly morning here and my shorts just weren't doing it.

My betta's house is a tad bit cool at 76F whereas, he likes closer to 80F, but he'll have to deal as I like my house cold.

Spent three hours yesterday on the computer uploading pictures to Pinterest.  I had been seriously slacking in that department since the App pissed me off and wouldn't upload in a timely fashion. Seems not ONE person even gives a crap as there is no activity on there at this point in time.

Ah what I do for the nonexistent.

Have you see the Louboutin nail polish? You bet I bought the red one.  I've yet to wear it, but the fancy bottle sits proudly on my dresser in my bedroom for decoration. There are now 30 other colors released.  The bottles are similar, but not quite as fancy.  The different collections have different colored handles.  From silver to steel grey to rosy.  I want them all!!!!

Here's my thought.  I want to sell off ALL my non holo polish, buy up all the Louboutin polish and just use those gorgeous pretties from here on out.

Anyone want to buy my stash?  Let me know.  I am semi not kidding here.

I am planning on selling off some more of my polish, but I still have SO much on my blog sale, that it worries me that things aren't going to sell.  I need to open a Store Envy and go from there.  But damn that's a lot of work.  All those pictures, all that cropping and uploading and info.  Meh.

Not happening any time soon.

Let's talk a brand new to me called The Devil Wears Polish.  She just put out a set of EIGHT brown holos.  EIGHT people!  You know how I love my browns.  Yes I bought the set.  I have yet to show them as I just got them in the mail!

Today though, I will be showing you three of her Fall colors not in this set.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

As the title states, this is Hayride, Pumpkin Carving and Equinox.

Before we go on, I will warn you the super nubs are back.  I spent a lot of time yesterday filing them all the way down then gluing the peeled areas. I subsequently glued my nails to my skin and had to remedy that before polishing.  By this time I was in no mood for anything fancy.


Normally I don't point stuff out as you wouldn't notice if I didn't, but at the point of picture time, I got this weird rash on my middle finger.  It's gone now of course.

These holos are gorgeous. My kind of colors.  I wish the sun had been out to see what would happen there.  Next time for sure.  I simply did some dots.


I need to wear this green alone.  I'm betting it's a stunner for sure!

Have you tried this brand before?

Another random thought-did Blogger change the HTML font?  Seems totally different to me.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Essie Nude Beach and a rainbow

Today we are having a flashback.  Back to the days before I really discovered nail polish.  Back when all I was sporting was a classic French mani.

So haven't updated you on the online dating stories lately.  I just haven't been into it and have stopped believing anything other than blog fodder will come of it.

Just got a message that simply said, "I like your face."  OK thanks I think.  Then there's the guy who seemed way too into me before we even met.  Plus I was on vacation and he claimed I wasn't giving him enough attention.  Really?  Then after I got home, I made the mistake of not telling him I made it home-what are you my mother? And I woke up the next morning to a tirade of about 16 texts.  These would have been funny had they not been so crazy.  When someone throws their income at you and how many other woman they could have besides you, there's an issue. A big one at that.

I decided to leave that one alone.

My other recent enlightenment is regarding the Facebook groups I'm in.  Why is there so much negativity and put downs out there?  You know I love my Enchanted Polish, it's my favorite holo brand.  Well it seems each and every time a new color comes out, there is such a mass of hate and eww that color is ugly etc.  Why can't she make this color or that color?  Well perhaps because it's HER company and she can make any damn color she wants and if you don't like it, don't buy it, or better yet, go out and make your own. It makes me so upset every time.

Someone said to me that this is bound to happen any time any product is made and that bad publicity is still publicity and I get that, but why can't you simply say, that color's not for me and leave it at that?  Why is it people have to go the extra mile and put it down?  I admit, maybe I'm too invested as I love it so much, maybe if I saw it about another brand, it wouldn't affect me.  I don't know.

What I do know is I left a bunch of the groups I was following.  Lately, I just haven't the wish to read each and every post and reply and all that work.  I was in like 10 or 12 groups.  Now I'm in 7, one being the group I started to stop the negative at least in my small part of the internet.  I want to leave more of them, but I'm still thinking about the others.

OK. Let's get to it.  I have nubbing to do!  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Essie Nude Beach and Bettina Lingerie.

Oh also one last thing. You may have noticed instead of posting every other day, I've been doing Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  I've noticed my reader numbers are way down plus I've just been feeling blah about the whole thing again.  This is officially my 602th post.  Holy Crap that's a lot of stories!

Remind me next post to talk about the new iPhone 6 Plus! MUST HAVE!

Anywho, this Essie is NOT 3 free and is from years ago.  When I was using it, I got that old time chemical smell.  Know what I mean?  I've no idea if they even still make it. This was my pink for my classic French.

EDIT** They do still make it and I just ordered a new bottle!

For this mani, I did two layers of Lingerie and a layer of Nude.


Pretty right?  The crazy thing though?  I'm used to darker colors and when I'd glance at my hands, it was like something was missing.  HEHE!

Next for something very cool, I did a different type of French mani using acrylic paint. For those of you missing my funky french-here you go!  Here are the VERY cool results.


Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Do you see the rainbow?  The last color IS purple, but my camera freaked. Originally, I wanted to have a rainbow per nail with 5 flowers per nail.  But my poor tiny nails couldn't hold that many so instead I made a rainbow out of all my nails together. Oh how I love that Nude Beach shimmer to this day!

What do you think?  I love this!!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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