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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Security Breach

Remember when I told you that I had gotten myself early birthday presents? I wanted to show you what they are.  It is also the reason why I didn't do any art today.  One because I was feeling lazy as crap and two because this holo is way too amazing to cover up.

It was 80F here yesterday and still way too early in the season for me to turn on the air conditioner.  I refuse to turn it on in the Spring.  So of course, that meant I sweated all night instead of sleeping.  My poor betta fish's tank was mid 80s and while my book says that's ok, he's used to mid 70s.  I had to clean his tank this morning, so he's back to his regular temperature.  However, it's now mid 50s here and I still have the windows open, so now it's a bit chilly!

I had told you that I had started doing adult coloring books recently.  There was an article in my paper the other day I think was sort of making fun of the fact that adults are now coloring again.  That Google has made us so stupid (their words) that we resort to coloring like we did as children.

WOW.  It is amazing what people will insinuate in their writing.  The fact is, the two bestselling books on Amazon.com at the moment are adult coloring books.  Go ahead Google away!

When I started coloring, I initially got a set of 48 pencils.  There just wasn't enough variety for me.  I decided to go with the monster set of 150 pencils to have all the colors made.  They are amazing pencils.

How awesome is this set? They are Prismacolor pencils and if you're interested, get them from Dick Blick online.  This was the absolute lowest price I could find.

Here is what I've been working on so far.

I am enjoying the hell out of this big time!  I don't care what anyone else thinks about it!

Now let me show you the holo I was wearing at the time.

This beauty is Chaos and Crocodiles Security Breach.  Here it is on my shortened nubs! HEHEH.  I'm actually loving this length much better.  Thanks Diana!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How could I possibly cover this gorgeousness up??? The answer is, I couldn't!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Origami Owl Bracelets

Today I am taking a break from nail polish and showing you my new bracelets.  The ones I had been wearing from Wakami had gotten threadbare and yucky.  I decided I wanted to have more professional looking bracelets, whatever that means.

My friend Shea sells these bracelets.  She has an Instagram account showing off different ideas as well as her own website for selling the different options you can choose from through Origami Owl. They have regular silver bracelets, necklaces, bangles, leather wraps, charms, dangle charms and plates you can do inscriptions on.

I decided on the brown leather wrap bracelet.  I have plenty of regular silver bracelet chains and wanted something different.  After choosing that, you need to pick out which locket type piece you want and then you pick out what charms you want in your locket.

I think pictures always work better than my words.  When I got my package in the mail and opened it, this is what I saw.

This is two small Chinese takeout containers in my box.  I think that's some pretty cool packaging!

Here is a closer look.

Next, I opened up each box and pulled out what I had ordered.

The top two are tiny little boxes with a sleeve that keeps it closed.  In the front are my charms and the leather wrap I ordered.  Here is what is in those two boxes.

These are the two pieces that screw together to hold the charms and complete the bracelet.

Here are the charms I ordered.

There are two different green gems, ten tiny crystals, a music note and the word blog.  Here they are in the locket base.

I loved this picture so much, I put it on Instagram! Just the way my camera picked up the sparkles-it's just gorgeous!

Now I will admit I had trouble figuring out how to put this bracelet together.  In all reality I think they should send you some instructions as the first time I did it wrong.

Here are the pieces before I put them together.

Here is a close up of how the pieces go together.

I ended up ordering another one so I could have two!  Here is how the two look when I'm wearing them.

Keep in mind I am right handed and had to take this picture with my left hand holding my expensive camera by the lens-the saying on the second leather wrap says "let it go" something I should probably do more of!

There are tons of different ideas, charms, bracelets, lockets etc from Shea's website.  Please make sure you go and check it out!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poco a Poco, Polish My Life Stripped

I have been put in a time out.  I am in the corner, facing the wall for I have been a bad girl.  I got greedy and let my nails get way too long and broke two just a couple days after I had gotten them done.  You saw how long they were last post.

Let's just say my nail guru, Diana, has scolded me and told me I don't get to have long nails anymore until I learn how to take care of them.  My free reign is over. She took her clippers and went to town.
I have to say though, I'm kind of liking this length better.  It's easier for me to type at my job and I'm not as paranoid that I will break a nail.  Although I have slammed my nails into a few things, I don't know if they're broken as I need to remove my polish first.  But I think they look nicer this shorter length as well.  My nails tend to curve down the longer they get, makes for a weird wonky mani.

It is full on Spring mode outside my door.  The leaves on the trees are almost full size, the flowers are blooming, my lily of the valley garden is sprouting to life.  I just wish the rose bush mom and I just planted would show some sign of life.  It was one of those bare root ones and so far, it ain't doing nothing.  I sure hope it comes to life soon!

Today's mani gave me a very cool idea for a future mani.  I'm going to be attempting my idea tomorrow, so it should post in about a week or so.  If it's as cool as it is in my head? It's gonna rock your world!

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Poco a Poco and Polish My Life Stripped.

I started with a full mani with Poco.


Please note the shorter nail length.  What do you think? I actually think it looks way better.  I'll need to keep them at this length.  Can you see the shimmer in this?  Gorgeous!

Next I did a classic French, but then did a dot gradient up to the cuticle.  I dig how this came out.


I really like this.  I hope you like it as well.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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