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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Yellow Green Eye Look and a Selfie

Last night when I was putting my book away and getting ready to turn off the light, I looked down at the floor and I kid you not, it was Cujo the freakin hugest spider on my rug.  This thing was hairy and big (needs to be repeated here) and at least the size of a 50 cent piece.

To my international peeps that's about 3cm!

This is one of those few times when I wish I had a man in the house.  I love spider webs, I've told you that, but I have a deal with the spiders.  I don't mess up your web, you stay outside.  It scares me to wonder how something that big even got in.  And what if I hadn't seen it? Would it have crawled up onto my bed and on my face while I slept?

Yes people, this is where my mind goes.

I jumped up, grabbed a paperback book-it's what I have handy by my bed and squished the f*cker.  I then got my tongs and a paper towel and scooped up the remains.  I am still in shock over it.

Another story for you.  When mom was here, she bought a tea light thingy from Yankee Candle.  It holds three of them and it was plastic, had pretty Christmas Holly on it.  It was nice.

Then mom lit candles in it.

Apparently, a few minutes later, it caught on fire! You see it's thin plastic and the tea light holders are too close to the plastic and yup, fire.  She put it out so nothing awful happened, but the potential is there you know?

I called the company and told them of this, asking them to please take this product off the shelf, that someone was going to get hurt or worse. I asked dude to take this seriously and make sure higher ups and the lab checks this out. I was also asked to send an email with the story and pictures. Which I did.

Imagine my chagrin when I got up this morning to two form emails asking me to one-write what happened with pictures (WTF?!?!) and two-to return it to the store for a refund.

This only tells me that no one bothered to read past my subject line which read "defective product." As I had sent them pictures and the story and a refund was not my purpose for contacting them. This morning, I tried to leave a review on the product page, but it has to be reviewed by them before it posts so who knows if it'll even be shown.

We did our part.

This post I decided to do something a little different.  I actually took selfies at work as well as the closeups and at least for this post I'm putting them all in one.  I may change things up again in the future.

This was a look I wore last Thursday at work.  I went bright and cheerful and YELLOW.  You heard me right people.  And it was freakin cool as all get out.  I forgot I own the Morphe Brights palette and you bet I plan to use more of that one soon.

Here is my selfie.  Ignore that it is taken at work, in the bathroom.  I tried to figure out how to remove objects from photos, but my Photoshop is too old a version for that.

Use your imagination people. I look better with fresh makeup and not after a hard day's work!

I can't believe that after almost five years of refusing to show my face, I am now intentionally doing that very thing! So this is what I wore.  Here is another view.

This is with my new Cover FX foundation in P40, Kat Von D Contour palette, Makeup Geek Shadows. Ardell Wispies lashes, MAC blush, Ofra Cosmetics Sao Paolo liquid lipstick.

I need to write down what colors I used.  Hell if I can remember now! Here are the close ups.

I do know there is Lemon Drop, Pixie Dust, Fortune Teller and Jester in this. Maybe some Poison Ivy.

Isn't this cool? And the full on look is so very me isn't it?????

At least I was digging it.  Mom says I'm too pale and this wasn't her thing.

I'm ok with that.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, November 23, 2015

More Work Eye Looks

I have got to come up with some better post titles!  Just woke up from a nap. Not fully alert and aware just yet. You know when you've had a nap and when you first get up you have that sort of fuzzy brain going on?

Yeah that's me right now.

I figured out something a bit different to do with my work eye looks.  You will see that in upcoming posts.  Since my nails have been nekked, I don't have as many of those posts to show you right now.

Did you see that Chaos and Crocodiles has a new collection coming out on Tuesday? Holy Schiz people. Remember when I said I would only buy Enchanted Polish? I guess I had forgotten about C&C.  I wasn't as impressed with her Unicorn collection as her first set the Secret Agent one was so freakin holo strong, I think it's what I was hoping for in her future stuff.

So far I have only seen one sneak peak and it's a gorgeous blue. No swatches yet though.  I have set an alarm and plan to check it out.  I haven't decided yet whether I will buy it or not.  Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I have massive amounts of photos to take for my upcoming blog sale.

Set your alarms for that people!  No I don't know what day it will launch yet.  I will let you know once I know!  I have saved up a bunch of boxes and will need to research the postal rates as they have gone up again.  I don't own a printer so I can't do the online postage thing like most people do.

Oh and did I tell you that yesterday after working all day, still recuperating from my mom visiting that I decided it was a good time to haul out the very heavy ladder from under my house, drag it around the side of my house, up three steps to reclean gutters that I had already paid a guy to clean?

And did I mention this ladder to be an old crickety, dangerous to be on ladder? One that I have to go almost to the top rung to reach the gutters?

Yeah.  That's what I did.

Why I have no idea.  Why then I have no idea.  All I know was I got a wild hair up my a** and did it.

Now let's look at another two eye looks I wore this past week.

This first one was a more neutral shimmery look with another pop of color in my waterline.  This again was all makeup geek eyeshadows and a MAC eyeliner.  I really liked this one.

This one is an orange eye look with blue in the waterline. I don't remember what eye liner may even be the same one as the first look!  These are Ardell Demi wispies for the lashes.

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Two more eye looks

Once again my nails have been nekked for days.  Mom was here this past weekend and wore me out like she always does! We shopped literally all day Saturday, then did online shopping Sunday morning and then planted fifty tulips.

I'm still recovering.

At least I know what I'm getting for Christmas! Three different Philosophy perfumes-yeah that's my brand for all things perfume and body lotion.  We went to Sephora as I wanted to be color matched for the Color FX foundation.  I got that for myself.  The Kat Von D contour palette was an early present that I get to use now. Yeah it's awesome.

I'm not too sure about the new foundation yet.  I prefer a matte finish and this is more dewy.  Plus it was $40 for one ounce where the L'Oreal Infallible I like is $12.  You do the math.  I think I have decided I am going to mix the two and most likely won't buy another Color FX one again.  But I've only worn it twice so far.

The first time I tried using a brush, the second with my beauty blender.  I so prefer the beauty blender but man so many people use a brush for foundation.  Maybe I'm not using enough product with the brush?

Oh and get this.  I ordered two new brushes from Morphe Brushes.  I love their palettes as I have two of them. The palettes are sent carefully wrapped in double bubble wrap and tons of peanuts.  The brushes came in a cheap bubble envelope with no cushioning.  One brush is fine the other came in two pieces.  The brush part had separated from the handle.

That's nice.

I literally was on hold for thirty minutes trying to get a customer service rep on the phone.  I started as caller number 30! Now that makes me think that way too many people have problems with this company.  But maybe that's just me.

Anywho, after all that waiting I finally get a person and get this-I'm told I have to take pictures and email this special address and someone will get back to me via email.  Now the brush is broken I have no problem with the pictures whatever.  But normally a reputable company will just apologize and send out a new brush no questions asked.

Why not Morphe?

Are you really believing that I am trying to steal a goddamn $12 brush from you?   Wow.

It has literally been two days since I sent the email with no reply.  I resent it this morning.  The email was quite pissy and I meant every word I said in it.  I will never ever buy a brush from them again.

I really want to post the broken brush picture on my Instagram and try to shame them but I'm such a small account they wouldn't even notice.  I still may though.

I'll let you know.

Here are two looks I wore this past week.

This first one I simply used a light brown shimmer shadow and added a pop of purple in my waterline.  I love doing that.  I plan of doing some of the far out colorful looks I see on Instagram that can't be worn to work!

This one isn't quite color accurate.  Picture brick red and orange shimmer.  This one I didn't quite get the lashes where they are supposed to be.  I am getting to be a lot better at popping them on with no problem lately.  I put the glue on and then I do my brows while the glue gets tacky about 2 minutes. It's a fat lie that you only need to wait for 30 seconds!

I hope you have enjoyed these eye looks!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

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