Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween #2 2014, Mummies!

Today I will show you my next Halloween mani.  This one came out so freakin cool that I was showing it off to anyone who would look!

Before though, I wanted to give you an update on my gel dip nails.  I just got them done for the third time.  My natural nails were finally long enough that I didn't need tips!  I still wish I could go more than two weeks at a time, but I'm not going to be sad that my nails grow fast!  This time, I made sure my cuticles were pushed back.  I'm thinking, early, that this may help my gap issues.  I still have been buffing the base down and adding a layer of gel polish three days before I'm due again.

I just can't take the huge gap.  Can't do it.

Aren't they gorgeous?????  Kisses to Diana!  She is my nail savior!  Anywho, did have to cut down some length in order to square them up.  I do want to go a bit longer.  I think last post, the length was maybe a bit too long, but who knows.  I may keep on going!

Work can't say these aren't my natural nails!

All right, let's do this mummy thing.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Black Gold and Aliens and Outlaws on the outside, Liquid Sky Lacquer White Christmas on the inside.

I started with White Christmas and a layer of Aliens.


Man I wish I had the sun to show you this!  Next I used my nail vinyls to make stripes then added acrylic paint eyes.  Here are the very cool HOLO mummy results!


HEHEHE this works from both angles!  There are many of these on Instagram, but mine is the only holo one!  I freakin love this!!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Mani #1 2014

This mani definitely makes up for the past one.  I have sought redemption and here it is!!

Went to my eye doctor again yesterday. I told you how the RX wasn't correct.  It seems I now need progressive lenses.  I'm upset by the whole situation.  I don't think my MD handled it well at all.  He did not explain to me that progressives may be what I need to go to.  He just assumed that since it was 'such a little change' in my RX, that I wouldn't have a problem with my new lenses.  When I got there, they tried to say they would credit me half what I paid.  Hell no.  Homey don't play dat.

Next thing I know, she's trying to sell me on these 'higher end' lenses that fit in my smaller frame. What I don't get is when she told me my RX needed to be changed, she specifically said my frames were too small and that I had to get bigger frames for progressive lenses.  Now all of a sudden, it's oh yeah we can do these high end awesome lenses that fit in your frames.  HUH????

She went into great detail about the difference and I'm not going to sit here and pretend I understood a damn thing she said.  And I'm a nurse!  All I know is, I get to keep my frames, which I actually like and really didn't want to change.  So she had to put my old lenses back in my frames and guess what? The 'fishing line' broke that holds the lens in place.  Now she had to restring them-which after 3 years of wearing them, probably is a good thing.  I ended up being there for an hour.  I can't be sure, but I could swear my eye MD when he saw me there, wasn't happy about this whole situation.  I can't be sure whether I'm really getting high end lens, or if it's some big ruse to get me to keep my old frames so they get their money back from the lab who did my wrong RX lens.

What I do know, I can now see my distance again, but now I can also see how my up close is blurry as I had the other new lens show me just how crisp my vision can be.  I can't be at work like I was yesterday and be looking down the hall at people, and not be able to see their face as it's all a big blur. I'm not OK with that.

I just hope this new RX fixes it all.  Have to wait another two weeks for them to be ready.  Cross your fingers that my vision will magically be 'like I was 20' which is to paraphrase what I was told.

I'll keep you posted.

Now onto this awesome mani!  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Aliens and Outlaws, Orly Liquid Vinyl, Rouge Louboutin and OPI Alpine Snow.

I started with skittles.  Oh and my nails are LONG! I do love them, makes for clicky typing though!



I haven't had sun in forever for holo time.  Next I stamped using Bundle Monster BM 413 and Cici&Sisi plate 10.  Then I added red dots. I was going to make them into spiders but figured I'd mess them up thus ruining this awesome mani!


I so love how this came out! I especially love how perfect my stamping is for this intricate design of skulls.  I definitely was showing them off to anyone who would look at them!

Today is new nails day.  My natural ones are this long underneath the tips.  I will most likely forgo the tips this time, but may go a bit shorter.  We shall see.

I continue to wait far from patiently for my iphone 6 plus.  What the hell Apple???????

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, October 17, 2014

RBL Motorini, Barielle Moda Bleu

Just finished cleaning the hell out of my house.  The cat fur tumbleweeds have far surpassed their normal numbers and were taking over big time.  I even cleared off my fireplace mantel and vacuumed that.  Think that was last done by the previous owners over 12 years ago. HAHAH! I was in a zone and decided that I wanted to run my 3 lava lamps and didn't want all the dust to catch fire!

Yeah I live alone in squalor of my own making.

Now I'm just waiting for the dryer to finish so I can do my nails.  I won't lie, this mani today is a fail in my eyes.  I'm not happy with this one at all.  I'm going to do a Halloween one for next post.  I haven't done one yet this year.  I was looking at the ones I submitted for the Bundle Monster contest last year and think I can top those.

Gonna give it a go.

For my peeps who live in Australia-I am addicted to the Real Housewives of Melbourne.  Wow do I love that accent.  It's a place I'll never visit.  Have you been to Tourak? Think I spelled that right?

Anywho, here's the silly bottle shot.  Let's get this horror over with.

This is Barielle Moda Bleu, Rescue Beauty Lounge Motorini and Anonymous Lacquer Blue Crush.

I've been missing my flakies lately.  Have you?  It used to be such the rage and now nothing.

I started with skittles.  No sun, cloudy sad day.


Now this RBL is gorgeous.  This Barielle is as well.  I just didn't do them justice.  I did the gel buffing and regelling of my cuticle gap.  Came out pretty good here.

So I stamped with a stamp I realized I just used-plate Cheeky jumbo 3, tried to color them in after the fact instead of doing advanced stamping, then did flakies on the dark blue.

It's far from my best work.  Better looking from a distance sort of thing.


Oh well.  I can't always do perfection! HAHA!

Off to do another mani.  Hopefully I can redeem myself.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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