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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow

Yesterday I was out in the yard raking like a mad man.  It was only 47F out but the sun was shining and I had gotten a wild hair up my butt to go work outside.  I had told myself I wanted to clean up the front yard area under the trees that are there.  There are so many branches and layers of leaves that I have NEVER raked up in my fifteen years of living in my house.  So it was time.

I told myself that the trees will be able to breathe better without all that crap on the ground at the roots.  Of course this is not true, as trees survive in the woods without anyone raking, but it's what I like to think.  I did the same thing years ago to my backyard tree and I like to think it's a much happier tree.  Since I did it to my back tree, it's way easier to just rake up the leaves from that Fall.

It's hardest the first time as you're raking up years of stuff.  I got more raked up than I thought I would in the hour I allotted for this project yesterday.  But then I thought to myself, sh*t, I wish I had someone to now take all these piles of leaves back to my woods behind my house to dump.

I got my tarp and just piled on the leaves then dragged it up my front yard to my back yard to the woods behind my house.  It was heavy and hard for me to do and I ended up doing three trips of the full tarp and still have a ton of piles in the front yard to pick up.

Trust I wore myself out big time.

One day later this week, I'll need to go out and finish what I started.  Dammit. It'll look a lot nicer once it's done for sure.  Then I'll need to rake the front yard at some point as I haven't done that yet and it's not good for the grass to leave the stuff there.

Ah the joys of home ownership.

I just can't believe I've lived here fifteen years so far.  I does not seem like it's been that long.  I won't be here forever.  I'm just here for now.  And now has turned into fifteen years.  I had a random realtor call me the other day as I had tried to sell my house back in 2008 to move to Vermont but the housing market had crashed at that time.

Dude asked me if I still wanted to sell my house.  Don't you think I'd still have a for sale sign out front? For right now, I can't move as my job's health insurance is way too good to give up.  But if my family needs me, I'll be there no matter what.

One big project I want to save for is to fix the ceiling of my front porch.  It's a horrible mess with big paint chips etc.  I've paid three times to paint it but the issue is, they put inside drywall on the outside ceiling so the moisture is not letting the paint stick.  I haven't gotten an estimate yet as I'm afraid of what it will cost.

But I think I need to know as I just can't stand to look at it and there is a risk of black mold that is not good for your health.  My poor neighbor literally had mushrooms growing out of her bathroom wall next to her toilet as there was a hidden leak and eventually, mushrooms.

Can you imagine???? Sitting there on the throne, looking over and mushrooms are growing.  I'd freak out big time over that sh*t.

OK enough rambling.  Today we have an oldie but a damn goodie in my book.  RBL Diddy Mow.


I love this color.  It's my kind of fugly.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Chanel Madness and Girly Bits Shift Happens

Ding Dong, Ms Princess is gone!

Yes people, Friday was finally the last day I had to share the office with Ms Princess.  Of course she cried. Wouldn't be Ms Princess without the crying right? When I left, she made me hug her, as always, and I looked at her and said and I quote myself here, "dude it ain't like you're moving to Alaska. So stop it.  You're just going across the hall."

I speak truth here.

It ain't like she isn't going to still be working there.  She just won't be in my office doing the job she's been doing the past six years.  She's going back to what she was doing before.  I'm so very glad. Hopefully she will find someone else to cling to.

Now we can go about the business of revamping the program and do some real navigating.  I need to teach them how to do like I do.  We are supposed to get together Monday to discuss.  It's going to be a whole new situation.  Finally gone are the two who were dragging the program down.

Now for the bad news.  An email went out Friday that the new naked nails only policy go live date is March 1st. I had hoped for way more time, or in reality, had hoped it would just kind of fade into shadow and be forgotten. I'm still doing my EZ DipGel nails in clear with a matte top coat.  I refuse to give up the length I have finally achieved.

Trust that non nail people will not be able to tell that I don't have naked nails.  I've gotten that good at doing my nails.

Now today's mani was inspired by a random email I got from someone out there in internet land.  She wanted to buy my Girly Bits Shift Happens.  No, I don't have a blog sale going and no I am not selling that one right now.

Because I haven't worn it since Pam of Girly Bits made it years ago, I decided to pull it out.

I started with Chanel Madness.  As work was madness when I wore it!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This second picture is closer to reality color wise.  A deep dark vampy red that you all know I love.

Here it is with a layer of Shift Happens.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
It's certainly not Clarins 230, but it is a gorgeous shimmer changer.  I think this is beautiful and I'm glad to have it!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Polish My Life Unteal Next Year, Elevation Polish Con Tanto Affetto Yeti

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? I don't normally, but this year I've decided to make some changes in my life.  Some much needed hard core changes.

You see I'm a spendaholic. Whether it's nail polish or makeup or whatever my fancy is that day. I'm almost 49 and am far from having the money I need to retire on especially with my chronic illness. See this post if you missed my reveal on that.

I did a ton of research on websites that list the best iphone apps for saving money and investing and the like.  I am now using several apps that have really helped me keep my resolution so far.  And I'm proud of myself for this.

I thought I'd tell you about the ones that are helping me.

First one is Prism.  This app is very cool as it shows you when your bills are due and you can actually pay your bills right from the app.  This time of year I have to pay my life insurance premium so I used Prism to help me spread out my bills this month so I didn't have to go into my savings to pay this yearly bill.  Oh and it's pretty too.

The next two are similar.  Albert and Mint.  These are listed as in the top ten best financial apps. These show you your total worth and help you do a realistic budget as it tracks all your banking and credit cards.

Next I use Qapital. This one is great.  You set up your goal and then the rules you want it to follow. A couple of mine-every time I use my debit card, it rounds up to the next $3 and puts that into this app. then if I buy something from Sephora, it takes $10 and puts it in the app.  Oh and the really cool rule is the 52 week one. The first week you pay $1, the second week $2 and so on.  At the end of the year, you will have $1328 or something like that from this rule alone.  Although the last weeks or so scare me as it will be $50+ a week for several weeks.  That's a lot for me.

And the other rule's amounts are small that you don't miss them.  A dollar here and there really does add up. At the time I'm writing this, I've already saved $104.43 and yes you can withdraw it at any time, but that's hardly the point right?? I've saved this in two week's time.

The next two I just started.  Acorns and Stash.  These two help you learn investing your money and like Qapital, you set it up to do $5 a week or spare change on charges things like that.  Then you pick what you want to invest in.  Now these apps while you can get your money out, you also have to claim on your taxes with a 1099. So be aware of that if you do your own taxes as I do.  Plus because it's investing, you run the chance of losing your money if you get too aggressive.

So far, I'm up $0.04 on Acorns and down $0.06 on Stash so right now I've lost two cents overall.  Oh and the markets aren't open on weekends so there's no action right now. I find myself still checking to see how my money is doing.  I admit I'm so clueless when it comes to investing and finances that I'm really trying to educate myself.  The apps have quite a few articles to help you learn.  Oh and yes again these are in the top finance apps listed in reputable magazines and websites.

I've done the research for you.

One I don't get is Level Money.  It says I'm negative from last month but I don't get paid the same each month. I get paid every other Friday so some months I have 3 paychecks and others 2. So I'm still trying to figure out how this app will help me.

Ones I'd say don't bother with: LearnVest, Venmo, Debit/Credit and Truebill. All stupid and worthless for me at least.

I'm excited to see just how much I can save and invest for myself this year! Let me know if you want updates on this!

Now here is a simple mani I did involving glitter.  I always remember just how much I hate glitter whenever I try to get it off!!!

Here is the finished mani!


This would be so much more pretty if the sun was out to show off the holo sprinkles in this glitter! I caught some of it!  Note the shorter length and more squared shape.  New set of gel nails and reshaping!  I am still loving it!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

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