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Friday, February 27, 2015

EP Valentine, Paint It Black, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

I do believe I fixed my washing machine.  Those that actually read what I write, will know that my one hour wash took over two hours last week and I had to force a drain and spin.  I figured like all computers, it needed a reboot.  So I unplugged it.  Then I turned it on and unplugged it.  Guess what? My wash cycle today was right on the money at one hour like it's supposed to be.  Hey now! Ain't I the sh*t?  Did the same thing with my dryer just for sh*ts and grins to see if it made a difference.

I'm just happy I don't have to call in the repair guy.

Am still doing my Plated service.  I had Ricotta Corn Empanadas yesterday and today I will be making wild mushroom papardelle with mascarpone cheese.  Then during the week, I have Quinoa Stir fry to make as well as coconut chai rice pudding.  I've never been a fan of coconut, but I thought I'd try this out.  Still deciding on next week, the selections that I'm looking at are Cheesy Quinoa Casserole and a Sweet Potato lasagna with turkey sausage.  I'm totally in love with quinoa now.  Oh but the week after I'm very excited about.  Beef Gyritos and Lamb Kofta.  I've noticed most all I've had so far are vegetarian in nature, I'd so be a veg chick but I can't go without bacon.  Just can't do it.

I post my food pics on my Twitter account and the Plated Facebook page if you're ever interested in seeing them.

My poor baby Sam was throwing up this morning.  For a 26 pound bundle of love, he sure doesn't poop very much.  Twice a day he does his thing, but I think he's constipated.  I tried brushing him this morning and washing his backside, which normally stimulates him to go, but I made the mistake  long ago of giving him treats after I do that.  Now, he won't let me clean or brush him for very long before he's up walking to where I keep his treats.  I even tried doing it right after breakfast this morning and nope.  So naturally, I don't get enough time to get him revved up to hit the litter box anymore.

How's that for a topic of conversation?? HAHAHA!

Here's your silly bottle shot for today.

This is Enchanted Polish Valentine and Paint It Black with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls in the middle.

I was in a red mood.


How gorgeous is this????? I had wanted to try Chalkboard Nails Easy Sideswipe Technique so that's what I did with the other two colors.  I just didn't do the negative space part.


I was going to just use the black, but decided it needed something.  I'm kind of digging this!

What do you think?  Next post, I'm trying out a new stamping technique by Lacquer Lockdown she calls Double Processed Stamping.  You'll have to tune in to see how it went!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Painted Polish by Lexi Peas in a Pod, Custom Holo-He Said What?

For the past two days, I have been staring at four Spell polish.  I've never tried the brand and I'm not quite sure why her prices are higher than most indies.  But there are four of them that I am dying to try.  They are all matte, which I loathe, but are oh so pretty with a top coat.  Have any of you tried out this brand? Is it worth the extra money?

I have been seriously on a no buy.  I've been doing remarkably well.  I didn't get the Essie matte collection, although I am still thinking about it.  I'm taking the time to see if I still really want it after a period of time instead of my normal impulse buy.

Work is work.  There are five of us who are now involved in top secret meetings to figure out how to fix the problems that plague our workplace.  I was invited to be in on this, which I am very flattered, but they've tried to fix things before and it never happened.  I'm told this time will be different.  We shall see.  Part of this process will be rewriting job descriptions and new guidelines on day to day patient interactions.  They've even brought in a performance improvement chick to help us fix things.

We are meeting once a week for now to really get things started.  Heads are gonna roll!  I'm pretty excited about this, but still have my doubts that anything will really change.

The snow is still on the ground.  The schools were closed all week.  Why? I've no idea.  Just the way it is here in the South.

Let's get to the silly bottle shot.

This is Painted Polish by Lexi Peas in a Pod and a custom made for me holo called He Said What? Made by More Nail Polish.

I started with all Peas.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this gorgeous????  I needed a Spring pastel to brighten my mood.  This is a scattered light holo and so, so pretty.

Next I did my spin on a So Nailicious Valentine's Day design.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now I actually sponged on the darker green as I wanted it to be a lighter version.  How cool is this though????  I am in love with it!

Would you ever be involved in top secret doings to fix your workplace?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, February 23, 2015

CbL Gizzards & Lizards, Aliens & Outlaws, EP Paint It Black

It snowed yesterday.  We got about six inches-a huge amount for Virginia, but not for me as I grew up in New York with tons of snow.  It never ceases to amaze me how people here react to the news of a "big" snow.  I drove to work yesterday, yes the roads were awful, but I was the only one driving, so it was fine.  I'm sitting there reading the paper and they're talking about the lines in the grocery stores. People buying up all the bread and eggs like Armageddon is coming.  Oh and buying up generators and snow shovels etc.

This is every single time.

It makes me chuckle big time.  No way would I ever be one of those circling the parking lot, trying to get a space so I can go in and buy up a loaf of freakin bread.  Really? Do you really think you're going to be SO snowed in, that you can't get to the store? It's just so stupid.

Now I really do need to buy a snow shovel as I don't own one.  But did I rush out and buy one before the snow of the century? No.  But it's on my to do list for some day, when I happen to be at a store and I happen to remember I need one.  Know what I use now?  A dust pan.  Yup. It's lightweight and easy to use.  Works every time.  I cleared off my steps, and I cleared the end of my driveway with my trusty dust pan.  I hate that my driveway gets blocked from the snow plow, but what are you gonna do?

At least I have today off, so I can just be lazy and stare at the pretty snow.

It's also been a month since my dad passed away.  I'm still a damn mess.  My neighbor's dad had cleared my driveway for me while I was at work yesterday.  So nice of him.  Want to know what it made me think? That I no longer have a dad to do things like that for me anymore.  I put my head on the steering wheel and balled my eyes out for quite a few minutes.  I literally had a red dent on my forehead from it.  I was washing my face later going, what the hell did I do to my forehead, when I remembered.

My desk has all sorts of Dad stuff on it.  Pictures of he and I, pictures of him, just stuff for me to look at.  It's just way too hard.

All right.  Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

This is Colors by Llarowe Gizzards & Lizards, Aliens & Outlaws and Enchanted Polish Paint It Black.

I started with all Gizzards.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
OMG! Isn't this stunning?????? You have to love the holo happiness!

Next I added the other two in a tape mani.  The corner of the glitter is too hard to see here, but oh so awesome IRL.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
You can see the glitter in this last picture.  It's the black and white micro holo glitter and oh so cool. Am thinking I maybe should have done that area a bit bigger.

So do you buy up bread when it's going to snow?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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