Friday, October 24, 2014

Gold Fail #2

We continue on with my second ruination of a perfect gold holo.  Oh how sad.

The day I did these two, I didn't even feel like going through the pictures to edit etc. Instead, I went outside and got a wild hair to clean my gutters.  Something I attempted to do once a long time ago.

I've noticed that when it rains very hard, that instead of the gutters doing their thing, I get a sheet wall of water coming down in front of the gutters and getting in my house. Not good at all.  I found an old ladder under my house and proceeded to climb up way higher than I should have and saw the horror that was my gutters.

I had on my work gloves and just started grabbing huge handfuls of rotten leaves, dirt and roof debris from the shingles.  I was very careful and moved the ladder for every foot so I wouldn't be leaning. The issue was the ends of the gutters.  My deck doesn't extend that far. I got a broom and somehow worked the crap at the ends out.

Oh but I wasn't done there.  Next I got my handy dandy collapsible hose and proceeded to wash my gutters with the hose.  Making sure that the downspouts got cleared out as well.  I then had to take all that leaf debris and carry it into the woods.

Trust me when I was done, I was a dirty mess.  It had taken me an entire hour to do this awful chore. But oh so proud of myself for getting a nasty job done.  It will need to be done again as my big tree in the back hasn't dropped it's leaves yet.  At least then, it shouldn't be the mess it was now.

Just don't tell my parents I was up on that ladder!

Let's revisit where I started.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Swoon! This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury.  If you're very careful and use non acetone, you can remove the art you've done on top of your base.  That is what I did. These were the pictures from before I started anything.

It's definitely not perfect after you've removed the art.  This time I was so mad at all the time I spent for the tweed fail, that I just decided to stamp.  I used Cici&Sisi plate 7.  I then ruined it by adding dots.

Why can't I learn to leave things alone?????

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Not quite as bad a fail as last time, but still not good.

This concludes the gold fail series! HAHAHA!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gold Fail #1-Tweed

For today's post, I thought I'd try this tweed design I saw on Instagram.  Even though I can't freehand, I thought I could tackle this design as it's a bunch of tiny lines.

NOT!  I made such a horrible mess that I'm ashamed to even show you!  HAHA!  It was supposed to look like this: done by the amazing Lexstasy Nails.  Mine are no where near hers.

Before I show you, let's talk.

I buy a lot of polish.  We all know this.  It's my addiction, my reason to get up in the morning (HEHE).  But when it comes to buying stuff I actually need, in my mind, that takes away from my polish money.  Do you do that in your head too?

I've been wearing the same boots for roughly 8 years now.  They are still presentable, but you can see where they are getting threadbare and the soles are so thin, that the right rock may punch right on through.  I decided I needed new boots.  I had gone before looking for them, but it was the wrong season.  If you want boots, it has to be Fall.

I love DSW-for my international peeps, this stands for Discount Shoe Warehouse. It's a store chain that sells boots at a discount.  I love this store as I'm not one who will pay thousands for boots.  This time, I found two pair that I fell in love with. My way of doing things is if I find something I like, I just buy it in several colors. I'm not a clothes hound.  All my shirts for work are the exact same thing, just different colors.

I'm ok with that.

This time I bought four pairs of boots, but in two styles.  I just got them in brown and black.  Want to see?

I ALWAYS have to have me some combat boots like the first picture here.  It's who I am.  Still GOTH at the core.  The bottom pair just called to me.  Aren't they awesome? Suede.  Now remember I got these in black and brown.  This last style had one gorgeous dark blue that I almost bought but didn't.  I wore these suede ones to work this past Friday and boy are they comfortable as hell right out of the box.  Plus? These are the skinniest heels I've ever owned.  I was worried I was gonna fall over!

Luckily I didn't.

I didn't do a bottle shot for these next two posts.  I started with the most gorgeous gold holo and proceeded to ruin it twice.

Here are the starting shots.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
OMG this is a stunner!  This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury.  Strong, linear holo that you needs shades for!

Next I took several brown holos as I wanted to recreate Lexstasy's with holos.  I went way too overboard instead of random like hers.  Are you ready?  It's not pretty.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yikes!  Let's call this abstract instead of a tweed fail!  Maybe in some alternate universe this might be considered cool.  But not here and not now.

I ended up taking this off, leaving the gold behind.  As you can see, I didn't even do all the cleanup here.

That's for next time.  Fail #2.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween #2 2014, Mummies!

Today I will show you my next Halloween mani.  This one came out so freakin cool that I was showing it off to anyone who would look!

Before though, I wanted to give you an update on my gel dip nails.  I just got them done for the third time.  My natural nails were finally long enough that I didn't need tips!  I still wish I could go more than two weeks at a time, but I'm not going to be sad that my nails grow fast!  This time, I made sure my cuticles were pushed back.  I'm thinking, early, that this may help my gap issues.  I still have been buffing the base down and adding a layer of gel polish three days before I'm due again.

I just can't take the huge gap.  Can't do it.

Aren't they gorgeous?????  Kisses to Diana!  She is my nail savior!  Anywho, did have to cut down some length in order to square them up.  I do want to go a bit longer.  I think last post, the length was maybe a bit too long, but who knows.  I may keep on going!

Work can't say these aren't my natural nails!

All right, let's do this mummy thing.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Black Gold and Aliens and Outlaws on the outside, Liquid Sky Lacquer White Christmas on the inside.

I started with White Christmas and a layer of Aliens.


Man I wish I had the sun to show you this!  Next I used my nail vinyls to make stripes then added acrylic paint eyes.  Here are the very cool HOLO mummy results!


HEHEHE this works from both angles!  There are many of these on Instagram, but mine is the only holo one!  I freakin love this!!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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