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Friday, March 24, 2017

Enchanted Polish Comparison-Original vs New

If you aren't aware, Enchanted Polish decided this year to remake all her old originals from when she started back in 2012.  I of course, own most of those, except for the pink ones.  I thought it would be cool to do a quick comparison of the first two that have come out so far.  Then in the next two posts, I will show you the new ones in their holo state.

The shoe saga continues.  I showed you last post the two that I would be keeping, however things have changed since then.  You see, the boots I love and am wearing now are White Mountain brand. I thought they were only sold through DSW.  While at work yesterday, I went ahead and googled and found out that White Mountain does indeed have their own website.

I immediately found my boots, extremely similar but for a different pattern of stitching design.  I ordered four of them to replace the ones I have worn so much they are a sad beat up thing. I ordered grey, taupe, navy and a gorgeous burgundy.  I can't wait to see the burgundy ones! The bummer is once again, the black was sold out in my size.

I emailed the company and was told it would be back in stock come Fall.  I shall mark my calendar. Hopefully, these are keepers and will replace the taupe and navy that I own now.  If they are, those other two boots I showed you will go back.  I returned the other four pair yesterday.

Trust it made my day.

I don't really have work stories for you as we are all getting along and it's really nice.  Oh a little funny happened yesterday.  Remember Ms Princess? Well she's now doing clinic nursing and was going to cover the doctor she used to navigate for.  The one who is an a*s and made me cry back in the day.  Well he told the boss that he didn't want her in the same room as him and definitely didn't want her sitting next to him.

I kind of felt a bit sorry for her as that was kind of sh*tty of that doctor to do, but I guess she should have known this as she no longer does that job with him.  Dude could have at least told her to her face and not gone behind her back.

Oh and the chick who quit but is still working there is still there doing nothing.  Damn I'm doing something wrong here!  LOL

Now back in 2012, I bought Midnight which is a black holo.  This year, January 2017 is a black holo and I could have sworn she was remaking Midnight.  I even went on several Facebook groups insisting I was right.

I wasn't.

Turns out, January 2017 is a remake of her For The Win holo that only two bottles were made.

Then February 2017 came and it is a dupe for Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, which I do own.

Here are the bottles side by side.  Remember the originals were in fat round bottles.

This is Midnight, Jan 2017, Feb 2017 and Lucy.

Here are quick swatches of them.  These are without topcoat.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
As you can see, my first finger is greyer and not as deep black as my middle finger.  Midnight is on my first finger. January on my middle.  So they are not dupes.  However, my ring and pinky are dupes. Ring finger is the original Lucy, pinky is February 2017.

While Lucy looks pretty here? It's quite frosty and brushstrokey when out of the sun.  But in the sun, it's a gorgeous subtle pink holo.

Stay tuned for separate posts on January and February 2017.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Enchanted Polish House of the Rising Sun

I got the six pairs of boots I ordered from the DSW sale.  The two cheapest ones I ordered as an after thought are just that.  A cheap after thought and will be going back.  I didn't even try those on.  The ones I really loved? Well they both have damage to them which I will show you but when I tried them on? They seem to run big but my real issue with them was how they had the laces strung and with the very large tassel on the end, I cannot restring them the way I like.

Also, I just didn't like the way they felt on my feet.

It's hard to see the defect on the blue shoe but it's a problem for me. The gray pair has a chunk missing from the suede.  The blue has a scruffy hard patch in the suede.

Here are the winning boots.  Which I hate to say, my mom picked out!  HAHAHA! Just kidding mom!

What I may do when I return the four pair that suck, is get the other darker brown in these boot styles. This one.

I'll decide after I've looked through the store again.  This is why I hate buying shoes online.  You don't get to feel them and try them on etc.

And it's a pain to now have to go to the store to return them as I don't want to mail them back.

I cleaned the hell out of my 30 gallon fish tank yesterday.  It was way over due.  I last did it over Thanksgiving. When I went under my house to get the bucket I use, a ton of my fiberglass insulation was hanging down.  It was a weird sight.  At first I was thinking that maybe a critter had gotten stuck somehow under the house and ripped at the fiberglass.  But I realized that wasn't it.

The only thing I can think of is the fierce wind we have had a couple of times this season that somehow was just at the right angle to pull the fiberglass down.  Without thinking, I started pushing it back into place.  No gloves, no mask.

In hindsight I now realize that was very stupid.

Oh and the other night, I caught the raccoon at my bird feeder outside.  I yelled at him to go away and he just looked at me like no way man.  So I threw on some pants and went outside and chased him away.  Not totally sure it's a raccoon, just know it's a big fat critter!

Now here is one of my favorite EPs. I love this color!

Late afternoon sun

Late afternoon sun
Isn't this gorgeous???? I know I think so!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chaos and Crocodiles Wishing Star Sky

For some reason, my blog is not recognizing the font and it's driving me nuts.  I've tried Chrome and Safari and it seems to be across the board.  I've notified the person who designed my blog and hopefully she can fix it. Maybe there is just a glitch in the internet at the moment and it will fix itself.

I also realized that my networked blogs app, isn't posting to Twitter.  I have since fixed that and posted thirteen old posts as I'm not sure anyone gives a sh*t on Twitter about me and I don't want to fill up someone's feed with unwanted stuff.

Remember the chick who quit after being there two weeks? Well apparently, my boss called her and told her to come back to work as it is easier to transfer to another department than it is to quit and then reapply within the system.  Makes perfect sense right??

Um no.

Why would we still work on training her when she has quit? Why would we waste our time as she is leaving? Does this make any kind of sense? It also seems that the past two weeks, she has learned nothing.  She acts like it's her first day and has no clue what to do.  Another reason to just let her go. This past Friday, all she did was sit there on her phone.  She at least made the effort and asked if I needed help with anything.

Um no thanks.

So she has now been on two interviews on our dollar and still getting paid to sit on her a*s.  Damn sign me up for that.

I also submitted this year's self evaluation for my raise.  It was due the end of February but I wasn't going to rush it as last year's didn't go so well.  Back then I was told to make friends with my coworkers, stop using foul language and use examples to prove my point when I say I exceed in all categories.

I never put the top category excels or excellent, I forget which.  I always put exceeds as I am not "just meets" as my boss put last year.  This past year I busted my a*s, covered clinics, helped coworkers, started a few new projects and took over yet another job duty that I don't think my boss is aware of.

All with examples.  I better get something better than just meets this year.  That's all I'm saying.

Now here we are with another Chaos holo, just not a super holo. Still gorgeous though!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This leans a bit more purple IRL.  How stunning is this though???  I am in love all over again.

Hopefully my font will fix itself.  Cross your fingers people!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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