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Monday, June 6, 2016

Enchanted Polish March 2016

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I hear ya.  I left you guys for another week. I swear I have good reasons.

First a quick update.  My made for me Honda has left the factory and is on its way.  I've no idea when it will arrive, but it's coming!!

Get the Chanel Malice ready!

Now recently I told you of my issues with my lawn guy.  With his last text to me being not to keep my business but to tell me maybe I should move on, I moved on.

I went to Sears because my dad went to Sears.  He was a Craftsman guy.  Let me just preface this by saying it was really hard being in a Sears without my dad.  Seeing all the tools and sh*t really made me miss him a lot.

I had done some research on what makes a good mower, read reviews that sort of thing.  But I wanted to get the opinion of the Sears guy in the final choosing.  Well it seemed that there was only one salesman and he was helping another guy do who knows what but I waited a good half an hour and he never finished with that other guy to help me.

Two guys had come into the store as well to buy a mower and I told them what the salesman had told me, which was "take a seat in the deck furniture section, get comfortable."  Yeah, that's exactly what he told me. These two guys asked me if I knew what was a good mower.  I have never mowed a day in my life and they are asking me?  HEHEHE.  Now that was funny.  I told them nope no idea.  They ended up getting two salespeople from the appliance section of Sears.

Not really the people you want to ask questions of regarding a mower. Refrigerator yes, outdoor tools, no.  But the guy helping me was very nice and basically talked from his own experience mowing lawns.  I ended up spending a good hour and a half at Sears that day.  I am now the proud owner of a lawn mower.

I got one that is self-propelled, easy pull start and will match your stride by slowing or speeding up. Now the Sears guy told me all I had to do was pull up the handle, tighten the screws and I was good to go.

Uh huh.

I had to get my neighbor's dad to help me get the damn thing out of my car it was so heavy. Here it is right out of the box.

Now the guy lied when he said it was a simple set up.  The morning I was going to put this together and mow was already 90F by 10AM.  I took me over an hour to figure out how to get it put together. I kid you not.  At one point, I was seeing things and thought it said to pull the starter out eight feet and I just couldn't get it to do that. Finally, I realized it actually said eight inches!

I refused to give up and let a mower beat me.

Finally, I was ready to mow.  I got the mower to my yard, pulled the starter pulley and nothing. I tried again. Nothing. I was a failure at starting a mower.  Inside my head was the echo of my mom saying I wouldn't be strong enough to start the mower myself.

I hung my head in shame and frustration.  Then my neighbor's dad appeared.  I had told him I was going to try mowing that day and I'm thinking he came to check on me.  My problem was, my grass was so high, you would never be able to start the mower as the grass keeps the blades from starting up.  He pulled the pulley and immediately it started.

I was so damn embarrassed.  I asked him to turn it off and let me do it while he was there to watch. Once it was on lower grass, I started it right up.  It doesn't tell you in the manual to not start a mower on tall grass!  I mowed my yard and damn it's harder to do than it looks.  I have a small yard and it takes me an hour to get it all done. The mower cost me $300, my lawn guy charges $40 twice a month for a season of at least six months for a total of $480.  I'm saving money, but having to mow myself.  It's not so bad. Once I get the hang of it, it'll get easier.

What all this did was make me sick and the Memorial Day weekend was spent on the couch sick. That Monday though, I mowed again as my grass grows fast.  Went to work Tuesday and got a sh*tty text that morning.  It was from my yard guy pissed that I didn't tell him I didn't need him to mow anymore and it cost him $10 in gas to get to my house.


My reply was sort of, you basically said f*ck off so I bought a mower and did it myself.  The end.

Wow that was a long story eh????  Now let's get to the polish.  This is not one I am loving.  The shimmer is visible in the bottle but not on the nail.  I hate that.

Here is EP March 2016.


I am in a quandary about whether I want to keep buying these shimmers the rest of the year.  I'm just not loving this one and shimmers are nice, but not my passion, you know?

What do you guys think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?