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Monday, June 13, 2016

Enchanted Polish House of the Rising Sun and a Made for Me Green Holo

So many things going on in my life right now I've no idea where to even start.

Remember how I had said that my boss had been leaving me alone lately? Well that ain't true any more. Remember when I told you they had moved a bunch of people into my tiny office? Well it makes for a hotter environment with the more bodies and more equipment going on in there.

Now I'm 48, and not menopausal yet, but yeah, I run hot as does one of my coworkers.  The three of us are in the back of the room where the air conditioner fans just don't reach well.  The new people they added are all twenty somethings and run cold.  One of them literally has a leopard blanket she tucks on her lap while she's working.  Yeah, I said leopard................


Before they were added, we had that room icy around 60-65F.  They kept cranking it up to 75F+! Every time I'd check, I'd put it right back down to 69F-70F.  Figuring that's a compromise.  No, I didn't have a conversation about it, but for a period of time, no one moved it.  Oh and by the way, not one will cop to who's actually cranking the heat.

The other day, I was stressed big time for reasons I will get into the next few posts and saw again, that someone had cranked the heat up again.  I admit I went off big time yelling that they were pissing me off and to stop messing with the thermostat.

There may have been an F bomb in there.  I've told you before, I swear like a sailor.  Not proud, just how it is.

I went on with my day when my boss called.  Since I've been "good" I had no idea what she could want.  Well it seems my twenty something coworkers went to my boss and complained about my rant and the boss called me on it.

Now what the f*ck people?  Do you really feel the need to go tattle to the boss like we're f*cking five years old? Do you feel good about yourself now? I mean I would never do that to them. If I have a problem with someone, I'm an adult-I talk to their face. I don't go behind someone's back to their boss.

Oh and get this, the boss took THEIR side and told me to get a fan (which I have) not that they could wear a sweater or anything like that.  I am so royally pissed, I haven't talked to them in two days.

If they're going to act like children, so be it.  Next time they need my help, it ain't happening.

I'm going to sound really old here, but that's the problem with the younger generation.  They were raised differently than I was.  So I'm back to putting my head down, doing my job, speaking to no one else and that's that.

All right.  Let's look at the beautiful polish for today.  This is EP House of the Rising Sun and a green holo made just for me by More Nail Polish.  It's not for sale-so don't ask!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous is this????? I went back to 2013 on my blog and saw that I used to do fifteen pictures per post! Three different lighting shots and then close up and macro.  Damn!  Now I'm lucky I do four!

Next I stamped with my Cici&Sisi plate 08 and Mundo de Unas Brown.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now I know these aren't colors for everyone, but they sure are my kind! I think I would have loved this more if I stamped with a brown holo.  I just didn't have one that would stamp this clearly.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?