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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chanel Malice and My New Car

Oh people.  Do I have a story for you.  I went to pick up my new car on a Wednesday.  Damn it's a beautiful thing.  When I got it it had six miles on it.  Power steering, power brakes-I've never had that before.  The first time I drove it, I kept giving myself whiplash as I'm used to having to press harder to brake.

It has one of those screens that tell you what song is playing-love that, it has six speakers so the sound is amazing.  It has that bluetooth thing where you can talk on the phone hands free. I've yet to use that as when I'm in the car, the music is blasting and I am chair dancing.  Talking on the phone is not compatible with that!

It has a backup camera that shows you what's behind you, I haven't really used that as I normally use the rear view window for that.  My brother told me that it's misleading as the camera is usually under the car on the drivers side so there are areas that you can't see but are there.  I haven't looked under my car yet to see where it is.

Oh the craziest thing is it's a six speed. I've only driven five speeds.  My whole life I know if I'm going around 40-50mph, I need to be in fourth gear, 30-40mph third gear etc.  Now I have to relearn this all over again to compensate for the sixth gear.  Since six is so close to reverse, I've been wary of shifting correctly and keep downshifting to fourth gear instead of hitting sixth.  It's driving me nuts! My poor new car revs in protest over me doing that!

I am still playing around with where the seat should be, higher or lower, up or back that kind of thing. It drives like a dream.  I've already reordered my holographic peace love and nail polish sticker to add it to this new car window.

I picked it up on Wednesday around 1pm.  Thursday night at 9pm, we had a vicious hailstorm.  I kid you not.  I stood at my window and watched as marble sized hail pelted my brand new, not even two day old car.

Yup. No joke.

The storm went on and on.  Now normally I love a good severe storm, but this one I could not enjoy.

About three hours later, this would be around midnight, I went outside in my jammies feeling my car for dents. Of course it was dark and I couldn't feel anything so I thought my car had gotten through unscathed.

I was wrong.

I went out the next morning, but the car was still wet and I still couldn't really see anything.  I got to work and the drive had dried off my car.  In the parking deck, I put my face right level with the car and looked over the entire car.

There on the trunk were two dents, brand new from the damn hailstorm.  Stupid Act of God bullsh*t.

Since I figure I'm already going to Hell, my last statement is ok.

I thought about calling my insurance, but figured I'd be paying my deductible, I tried calling Honda, but they had had a tornado and the phones were down.  Since then I have been sick and haven't done anything else about it.  It's just maddening that my two day old car already has two dents on it.

Want to see pictures?

The last photo shows you the red sparkle that happens in the sun.  Most people will just see a black car, but it's not!  Isn't it pretty?  I sure think so!

Now as I told you, I wore Chanel Malice to pick up my car.  It was almost a perfect match.  Sadly though the sun was not out that day and my camera is not showing Malice at its best.


Trust me when I say that in real life this is way more gorgeous.  It got all dinged and stuff playing with my new car and popping the hood etc.

Would you get the dents fixed?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?