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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

EP Regal, Sweet Mint

Just spent the last couple of hours paying my bills and doing my taxes.  Good news is, I'm getting back enough money to pay my homeowner's dues for this year.  The bad news is, I'm still broke!

It sucks so bad to get a paycheck and after writing out all your bills, you're back to zero.  I just need a sugar daddy to come swoop in and take me away from my miserable existence and give me a life of luxury.  Paris for lunch? Why not?  

I wonder if I'd be bored after a while with that life.  Does it matter? If I'm bored, I could just buy a new life right????? HAHAHAH!

Just finished the most awful book ever written.  I exaggerate as it's in the top ten bestseller list, but I just don't understand why that is? It's most likely because mom and I like gory, murder filled psychological thriller who dun it types.  This was just page after page of just mundane stuff.  How five people's lives intersect and who killed the person.  I shall be sparing my mom from this one.  I took one for the team as it were.  On the bookshelf it's gone, forever to never be read again.  

Makes me not want to dive into the other book that's in the top ten that I bought.  This one is touted as very similar, and has a movie out based on it.  I'm not going to give names, as these are simply my opinions and I'm sure others love these books as they are top ten.

Note to self, stop buying these books!  

OH and get this! You know how I've shown you my NexGen nails saga? It's stayed the most popular post since I've written it.  I actually got a very nice email from the guy who invented the brand and the product! How cool is that?????? Someone had seen the story on my blog and showed it to him. He thanked me for taking the time to write about the NexGen stuff.

I tell you, I will never go back to my nubs!

Now today's silly bottle shot and mani are sadly NOT color accurate.

This is Enchanted Polish Regal and Sweet Mint.  Regal is actually a deep blurple and Mint is more mint!

I started with a full mani with Regal-I just loved it too much!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
So wish my camera would show this better! Since I was so in love with this, I simply added a bit to my ring finger and left it at that.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Still pretty, even though it's not color accurate!

So I'm thinking about the new Essie Cashmere Matte set. But I hate matte and plan on using top coat. Is the set worth it? They seem to be gorgeous colors-I even checked them out at Ulta.  

What are your thoughts on that?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?