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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Spring Day Scene with Pipedream Polish Neons

Today's mani once again was not quite how I wanted it.  I ended up ruining the sky by trying to add more and more.  However, it really did come out pretty cool.

So I actually took out my Foldio for the first time.  I darkened the room, pulled the shades and took some mani pics I will show you in a bit.  The issue I'm having is that they are coming out blurry.  I also cannot do my normal straight finger look inside the light box.  I'm wondering if I really should have spent the money on something I'm not sure is making my life that much better.

I will say though, that the ONE picture I got to come out is really amazing in the box. I'll let you be the judge.  As we all know, neons are a beeyotch to photograph.

OH and did I tell you what I found out?????? Remember when Google Reader was savagely ripped from our lives making the GFC thingy obsolete? I went to Feedly and while I liked it, I couldn't leave comments on blogs while using the app.  I messaged them several times and they just replied Huh? every time, like they had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

Therefore, I stopped reading blogs all together.

Yes, to be honest, I got lazy, enamored with Instagram.  So the other day, I had nothing better to do, so I loaded up Feedly again.  And guess what? I can leave comments now!!! YAY! This makes my day as I used to LOVE leaving comments on a ton of blogs.  It made me happy.  Now I can do that again! I've already left a bunch of comments and finally am back to reading blogs again.  Thank you Feedly for finally figuring out what I've been trying to tell you for a couple of years now.

Now on to the mani.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This was taken in my Foldio.  This is the complete Pipedream Polish Las Vegas neon set with Elevation Polish Tindur and Polish My Life Birthday Suit.

I started with a layer of Bday Suit and to layers of Tindur.


This is a gorgeous light blue with shimmer.  Next I sponged then over sponged, tried to add some spring flowers, but instead it looks like a stripe.  I also ruined this light blue.  It is still sort of cool.



The first two pictures show you the difference between a flash shot and the lightbox shot.  It's clearly different in terms of color correctness.  Again, I had a ton of issues with blurry photos so there's a learning curve there.

I'll keep playing with it as I do think it will produce more color accurate pictures. Although mine are for the most part color accurate.

Can you see the Spring day in this?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?