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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CbL Blond Ambition, Burnt Sugar and My Broken Down Crop Duster

Today's mani is a huge fail.  It starts out freakin fantastic, then crashes and burns.

They can't all be fabulous right? I like to show my fails as it shows I'm only human under the rock from whence I came.  After almost four years of doing this, I'm glad the true fails are getting farther apart.

I just finished watching Frozen.  Yes I'm way behind the hip movie crowd.  That was one cool movie! Didn't you just want to date the guy Anna ended up with?  Man was he a dreamy cartoon character! I am just amazed that it's all done with computers. Everything looks so life like.  I can't say whether I'm loving the voice of the main song that got so popular when this movie came out.  Idina Menzel I believe?  Not that it's not a great song, I'm just not so sure I'm loving her voice.  Like if she came out with a new CD, I wouldn't buy it.

But that's just me.

The inspiration for today's mani came from Iparallaxe.  She has a blog and an Instagram account.  If you click on the link of her name, it will take you to the mani I was trying to recreate.  She used a black and silver holo for hers.  I'm betting Enchanted Polish as she is a huge fan like I am.  She took an amazing picture of her collection of swatches, which she kindly sent me and is now my wallpaper on my devices and on my facebook page.  She takes stunning photos.

Anywho, I needed a brown day as well as a holo day.  My browns just didn't have a big enough contrast for what I was trying to do.  It was very cool in person for me to look at, but not for anyone else to see.  It's what I call a mani for one!

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Blond Ambition, Burnt Sugar and My Broken Down Crop Duster.

I finally worked up the courage for a full mani with Blond Ambition.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Are you freakin kidding me right now??????? This is one amazing holo! I cannot and will not ever stop loving the rainbow happiness in these types of polish.

Then I ruined it.  I did a gradient and I think I should have done top coat before I taped off and reversed the gradient.

But I didn't.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now if you look closely, especially in the second picture, you can see the triangles in the middle of each nail.  I actually reversed each nail alternating the dark holo at the tip then the dark holo at the base.  It would have been so cool if I had worked!

Check out my friend Sofie's on her Instagram.  She did this perfectly!  This is what mine should have looked like!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?