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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Polish My Life Red Dress and Commando

Before we get started, I just want to say it's my dad's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you very much!

Last post I told you there's more work stuff to tell you about. Remember how I've been telling you that they now realize that I recreated the job role that myself and four others do, but I'm the only one doing it right?  Yeah.  Apparently, the higher ups are thinking of changing the role and technically, my job title is staff nurse.  Of the five of us doing the "same job" only two of us actually have the job title of navigator.  So the higher ups decide to have a meeting with two of my coworkers to discuss their thoughts and what they think needs to be changed.

Now remember, these are people who DO NOTHING and sit on their asses all day and they are being asked their opinions on the role I have made fabulous and the only one doing it correctly.  I didn't even know about it.  I wasn't even emailed that it was happening.  WTF?

So I go to my boss and we have a chat about how stupid this whole thing is and had a little chuckle. You should have heard Stupid and her ideas about what should be done. One being to NEVER GET OFF YOUR ASS.  I'm not joking here.  Her serious idea was that we needed to be taken out of staffing and not have to run the clinics that have the patients we are supposedly navigating through their cancer stuff.

Yeah, there's a thought eh?

Oh and Stupid is still wearing the foot boot and hobbling like a gimp.  Man, she's so stupid!!!!

I'm just waiting to see if anyone even bothers to ask me what I think.  I was told a while back that my boss's boss wanted to meet with me and pick my brain.

I ain't holding my breath.

Let's get to the pretty eh?

This is Polish My Life Red Dress and Commando.

I did a full on red mani.


Isn't this just so sexy?  Oh yeah.

Next I used my nail vinyls and did this.


So cool eh? I think so!  You know what's funny? All the people at work have decided that I am the polish Queen and they all come running to show me their plain manis and to look at mine.  It's hilarious! But secretly, I love it!

Also, the new issue of Nail It! Magazine should be out soon.  Remember I submitted tape manis to be in this issue.  Cross your fingers that Fingers is now a published polisher!!!!! Ooooh say that three times fast!

I'll so frame that sucker and buy a bunch of copies!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?