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Monday, December 29, 2014

Polish My Life Pom Pom Spice, Enchanted Polish Good Life and Flashing Lights

Technically as I write this, it's Christmas Day and I have Ralphie and A Christmas Story (24 straight hours on TNT every year) on in the background.  Sadly, this year doesn't feel all that to me.  I am home alone and won't be going to see my brother's family next week as my dad is still too sick to travel.  So for me, today just feels like a Thursday.

I'm hoping your holiday was a much better time than mine.

Tuesday before the holiday I was at work when I was told something had come for me. I went to go see what it was, figuring it was work or something like that.  Then I saw it. And I burst into tears.

First some background.  One of my patients whenever she came in, always carried a purse she got from a craft fair that had piano keys on the outside and music notes on the inside.  I always joked with her how I wanted her purse as in my youth, I was all about the piano.  She would tell me that she would hunt craft fairs for me and find me one, but she never did.

When I saw the piano key craft fair purse left for me on Tuesday, I knew immediately who it was from.  As I read the note however, her husband had written that she had died earlier this year.  That they had found me this purse and that she wanted me to have it.  Now you know why I burst into tears.  It is the most special thing ever.  I really didn't think they would actually buy me one, nor was I expecting it! To me, I was just joking how you do with patients.

Her husband wrote me a lovely note saying how she talked of me often and was so happy they had found me a purse just like hers.  I sat at my desk crying, and wrote him a sympathy/thank you card. I will cherish this gift and every time I use it, will think of her.

How cool is that?  This was right when I got it-you can see the note her husband wrote me on the left and the box of tissues on the bottom right of my desk.

This is not the mani I wore on the Day, but one I did a few days before.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Good Life and Flashing Lights with Polish My Life Pom Pom Spice in the middle.

Let me just say I had a damned hard time getting my photos to come out.  Something with the holo glitter and the creams just freaked my camera out.

Oh! I finally ordered a new light box.  It folds up, has its own light source and the perfect size.  It's called the Foldio from Photo Jojo.  You have GOT to check out that link.  I can't wait to get mine so I can  wear holos on cloudy days!

Anywho, I started with Pom and an accent of Good Life.


Such a gorgeous red!  Next I attempted a reverse glitter gradient like Chalkboard Nails demonstrated on the finale of the Nail'd It show.



Trust that this is way more gorgeous in real life! I'm not sure my gradient is all that, but it's still a cool color combo.

Don't you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?