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Monday, December 1, 2014

Polish My Life Milk Chocolate Goodies, Merlot Magic, Coco Berry

Oh yeah, I'm still playing with my new obsession.  Polish My Life creams!

So it's day 3 of my 5 day vacation.  I have gotten some of my chore list done.  Reality is, I just don't feel like doing most of them.  It's cold out there and wet from days of rain. Who wants to try to rake leaves when they're wet?  On the other hand, I do have my two brand new rakes I'm dying to try out. Maybe tomorrow.

The one chore I have done, that is making me very happy? Cleaning out my dresser drawers.  Let's just say, I have a habit of not throwing anything away.  So I have years of socks, underwear etc overfilling these two drawers.

I was ruthless.  ALL old socks gone.  ALL old underwear gone.  I then color coordinated my work stockings, so when I'm looking for a particular color or style, I can easily find it. Plus, one of the drawers bottom wasn't attached and every time you opened that drawer, stuff would fall through and then you couldn't shut the drawer.  It's been that way for YEARS! I'm talking over 15 years at least.  I got out my hammer and nails and nailed that bottom back in place.  Between the nail and most of the weight lifted, it's a wonderful thing to open those drawers now.

It's making me a very happy girl.

One of my other chores on the list? To clean out my hall closet.  For the umpteenth time. I have a bad habit of buying different hand lotions, nail products etc.  And the ones I'm not loving get relegated to that closet.  My mom has even helped me clean that out once or twice before.

Well it's insane again.  But it's such an awful chore, I just can't get myself motivated to do it! Although I do know, like my underwear drawers, once it's done, I'll be a happy girl.

Oh well, there are still two days to go.  I need to do my nails twice today, so on with the mani.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Polish My Life Merlot Magic, Milk Chocolate Goodies, Coco Berry and Mundo de Unas Black and White.

I started with a full mani with Goodies.  It's more khaki IRL.


Indoor Sun

Now, I'm in love with this color.  Others I know, not so much.

Next I used my nail vinyls and a brush to make a very cool design.  These Mundo are amazing for free hand stuff.


To me, this is gorgeous.  My kind of colors and just a simple design.  It was not so popular on Instagram, but it was posted on Thanksgiving.  So maybe not the best day to post it!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?