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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rouge Louboutin, Enchanted Polish Good Life & Flashing Lights

Today is my first post with my new nails.  Because it was a momentous occasion, I had to wear a special polish.  I've had my Louboutin polish for a while now and have yet to wear it.  I thought why not with my new nails??

This mani was also done the same day I got my new nails so I was rushed for time.  I will say though that the end result was something I couldn't stop staring at for real!

Before we get to all that though-I wanted to talk Apple products.  I'm an Apple junkie. I love my iphone and my ipad and can't get enough.  If I could afford it, I'd own a Mac. The new iphone 6Plus is calling my name.  I mean it is calling my name hard.  I love the thought of a bigger screen as I get older and can't see as well.  I catch myself holding object out at arms length and hate that!!!!

My parents have finally decided they want to get a smart phone.  Not that they are thrilled about it and I'm not sure they even want to learn to text, but they want to use it as their computer.  The computer they have now is a billion years old and a piece of crap.  I fix it the best I can when I'm home, but that only goes so far.  Really they just want to do email, have a phone and maybe do Amazon shopping.  The cost of this will be better than what they are paying for high speed internet on a computer that doesn't know what high speed is.

I went to the AT&T store yesterday.  I've decided they just need a 5C for their needs.  I went through the different plans and prices etc.  I also found out there is an ipad special that if I preorder the iphone plus, turn in my ipad2 and my iphone 4S, I would only pay $37 for a new ipad Air!!!!

Did you see that? $37!!!! For a new ipad Air.  I already told myself I was buying myself a new one for Christmas and figured I'd have to pay about $700.  Um this is way too good a deal to pass up.  I still have my 3S iphone the first one I ever had.  You see, I use my 4S as my ipod that holds all my music for my driving. But it's worth $200 toward the new ipad Air.  I thought my 3S was only 8gb and didn't work in my car. Well this morning I checked and it's 16gb and should work with my car.  I need to test it out to be sure, but I'm thinking I'm good to go!

So next week, I will go back, preorder the iphone 6plus, which I'm told may take up to a month now to get, and walk out with a new ipad Air. WOOHOO!  Score one for me!

I've also decided my mom should take my iphone 5S and we will only have to get my dad the 5C. It'll save money all around.

So come November when they come to visit, I have to teach them how to use the iphone.  Hopefully it won't be too painful!  HAHA!

Back to the special mani!  Here is the silly bottle shot.

The top picture shows how the Louboutin comes in it's own box.  Along side are the Enchanted Polish Good Life and Flashing Lights.  The bottom picture shows the bottle by itself.  It's a gorgeous bottle for sure!  Heavy cut crystal.  Swoon people!

I started with the Red and an accent of Good Life.


How pretty is this with my new nails???  Next I simply added Flashing Lights, which is a scattered and linear holo at the same time.  That's why I can't stop staring!



I am in love with this and my nails are just stunning!  The only issue?  Getting this glitter off with non acetone remover!  I'm not looking forward to that!!!

I opened a Store Envy account today.  It looks time consuming and complicated to get all my blog sale polish listed on there.  Someone told me it would be better than my blog sale.  I really need to sell off some polish!

Any hints out there for this?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?