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Friday, September 12, 2014

Super Stamping Holo Freak, ILNP Black Orchid, last Niece's nails

As I write this, I am in the last hours of my vacation at my parent's house.  As you read this, it will be my first day back to work after 12 whole blissful days off.  I will be packing up then driving to their 'other' house this afternoon as it saves me almost 2 hours of drive time tomorrow.  That is always a good thing as reality will be setting back in.  I have two more days off at my house before I go back to work on Thursday.  I will have to clean my house as my cats will no doubt have made a mess, I'll also need to change my betta's water and cross your fingers his tail has grown back in while I've been gone.

One girl from work texted me the other day and hinted at the goings on at work while I've been gone.  The two who do nothing are the topics.  Once I get the deets, I'll be sure to let you know.  As of today, I still have three days off.  So I still have some time before going back in there.

I don't have anything too exciting to talk about.  This post will be my last one with my niece's nails as she has a soccer game today and I won't get time to do hers again. She decided she wanted me to stamp her nails this time.

We picked two different Bettina-I think Vanity and Silk, then used a darker Bettina for the stamping.  Owls, butterflies and a dragonfly was what she picked out for today. Pretty cool eh?

Next I decided I wanted dark and vampy.  The only problem with that?  It rained yesterday and I couldn't get good lighting.  I think part of the problem is that these two holos are freaking my camera out.

I used another made for me holo from More Nail Polish called Super Stamping Holo Freak and ILNP Black Orchid.

Like I said, these holos freaked my camera out!  I took a bazillion pictures, then took more and this was the best I got.  These colors are amazeballs in real life!

Because these were so awesome, and because I was feeling lazy, I simply did a jigsaw on my middle nail. It's hard to see.


I retook these this morning as the sun came out, but it freaked my camera out even more!  You have to love a holo that freaks outs a camera!

I'm sad that my vacation at home is over, as I won't be back until next year Labor Day. It's sad I only get to come once a year.

I hope you have enjoyed my niece's nails as I love doing them!  She sure picks out good stuff!!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?