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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A England Fest

I had a very hard time trying to figure out what colors to wear today.  I just sat and stared and stared. You see what I wear today only lasts a day so I didn't want to do the colors I'm doing for my next post as I want to wear those longer than one day. Does that make sense?  I feel like that was a long rambling sentence.

But I'm ok with long and rambling.

I also just got my new Fall Barielle colors.  It has brown in it!  I have been so ecstatic at all the browns this Fall and thought perhaps the world is finally embracing the color I've known all along to be gorgeous.  But nope.  I just found out that it is one of the colors Pantone picked for this Fall.

Hmmmmm.  I wonder how they decide which colors are it?  Do they sit in front of a color wheel and say this one hasn't been prominent for awhile?  Or maybe they shoot darts at a color wheel and those are the ones for the season.  It just seems so random.

I mean first you have the color of the year, being a weird orchid color, then this?  I just googled it and these colors were picked in February! How do they know the Fall colors during the previous Winter???  It also seems that the runways are now showing the Spring 2015 colors.  Those picks are pink (nee Strawberry Ice), aquamarine and Lucite Green.  I'm all for that green, but I really don't want to think Spring before I've even enjoyed my Fall and Winter!

I kind of get why the fashion world has to be ahead of the curve so the rest of the people can adjust what they do for their collections, like the nail polish world.

If it were up to me?  I'd totally just do colors that spoke to me at that time and screw the Pantone predictions.  I still want to know how and why they pick the colors.

Here's a sneak peek of the Fall Me Couture Barielle set.

Aren't these gorgeous?  Well except the flaming pink one-but hey I will still rock the hell out of it!

Stay tuned for those!  Here is the silly bottle shot for today.

This is A England Dragon, Princess Sabra, the original Holy Grail and Bridal Veil.  I haven't worn these in over two years! What the hell?

I started with skittles.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
I so love this Sabra! It's gorgeous!  Next I used my new right angle nail vinyls, then I free handed some lines and got this.


Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Not too shabby with the lines this time!  I'm pretty happy with myself here.  Kind of a funky mani. What I will tell you is when I took off the red polish, the shininess of my fresh new mani I showed you when I got my nails done was gone.  Now I don't care as I'm covering it up anyway.  But I do wonder why that happened.  I have used nothing but non acetone remover.

Yes I am still loving my nails!  What do you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?