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Friday, August 8, 2014

Elevation Polish Volcanic Dust

Do you ever have one of those days that starts off pretty good then as the day wears on, it just keeps getting worse and worse and you end up a crying mess?  I had one of those days today.  I told you how I had to take Checkers back to the vet.  Well, for one, I was there for THREE hours, as they had a couple of emergencies take place.  I'm a nurse, I get that sh*t happens, but Checkers was not liking it one bit.

Finally, the vet sees her, but this time, their ultrasound machine was fixed.  I didn't know it was broken when I brought her last time.  I'm kind of pissed about that.  Why? Because they found that she has a large stone in her bladder, too big for her to pee out and this is the cause of her infection etc.  Had they had the machine three weeks ago, this visit wouldn't have been needed.  So now they tell me that if I can't find this brand new special diet food to dissolve this stone in a week, that they want to do surgery on her to remove the stone.

Now any other time of the year, I would still be upset, but ok-this time I'm supposed to go fishing in a month and if I can't get her better, or she has surgery, I can't go on vacation and leave her alone.  I NEED my vacation people-I look forward to it every year.

So I call the two local Petsmart stores and am told they don't have it.  The vet in the office calls and they tell her they DO have it.  I call again, talk to someone and am assured they have it.  Now this is at a store in a town I loathe to go to due to high amounts of traffic.  Well, I was right.  The highway was a mess, traffic was going 10mph instead of 78mph and it took me an hour to go 20 miles.  I was livid.  I finally got to the store and guess what?  No special food.  I went off.  Nope not proud of my behavior but I had had it.  I specifically asked and was told yes we have it.  I went off on that guy, I went off on the store manager and then proceeded to terrorize the poor clerk at the vet counter.  I made the vet there come out and talk to me.

They were busy as hell too.  I ended up being at that damn store for an HOUR.  Finally, the vet was able to contact the manufacturer and have the special food ordered and shipped to my house for free.  Well, that was a nice bonus to a bad day.  The store manager then gave me a 20% discount on the food I bought for the meantime.  I told her to tell her people to check the shelves next time someone calls for something that specific.  On the way home, I was tired-this whole drama had lasted five hours and I was done.  I hadn't eaten all day and I just lost my sh*t and cried my eyes out.

It was not good.  So now Checkers is on more medicine, I am waiting for special food to arrive and hope very much it helps so she won't need surgery.

Now because of this, I did a very simple mani and forgot the bottle shot.  So here is the base mani.


This is Elevation Polish Volcanic Dust, OPI Alpine Snow and Orly Liquid Vinyl.

I neglected to see the red on my finger that I missed before snapping this picture!  I got in something called nail vinyls, which are precut stickers basically so you don't have to cut your own tape. I used these and did this.


Pretty and simple.  I like this a lot.

Cross your fingers for Checkers to get better!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?